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Author Topic: Piece of heart distribution  (Read 3570 times)

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Piece of heart distribution
« on: September 03, 2015, 05:09:29 pm »
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So Link has the ability to get 20 hearts, right? (From the maximum in the demo.)

If he starts with 3, we've got 4 dungeons (so 7 hearts are mandatory) meaning there's a total of 13 heart containers for finding. So there's 52 pieces of heart to hide.

I don't think any should be hidden in dungeons, so there's 12 areas (Field, Town, Swamp, etc.), some bigger than others. So if we have 52 heart containers, we can put an average of 4.3 pieces of heart in each area. We could also make a piece of heart a standard reward for each of Blind's Vaults (which I think is a good idea) so there's about 7 of those, maybe more.

Anyway, just to give us a rough idea for map designing, I'm assigning each area a number of heart containers (out of 52). Areas I think should have Vaults are marked with an asterisk. Obviously, there's some room for shifting around and it'd be nice to discuss this.

Town*, 9
Field*, 8
Deku Swamp*, 5
Kokori Forest, 3
Zora's domain, 4
River*, 4
Lake Hylia, 3
Goron Mountain*, 5
Goron village, 2
Death Valley*, 3
Sheikah Fortress, 2
Gerudo Desert*, 4

There's really a lot more than I thought. I figured, less should be found nearer the end of the game, as Link won't visit those areas as much (there's 4 in the desert because it's big and has a vault). However, the town and field he's going through constantly, so there should be a bunch there.

I'd say a decent rule of thumb is that when there's 4-5, 3 should be available during the first visit, the rest Link would have to come back for later with new tools. When there's 3, 2 should be available at the first visit, when there's 2 they would both be immediately available (except the desert, where there's no real reason to go back and you won't get any more items really).

So also, this is a decent time to talk about the location of Blind's vaults. The vault in the field is closer to the eastern side, so getting to Zora's domain should be pretty easy. The vault at the river would be near Lake Hylia, and the one on Goron mountain would be pretty close to the village. So any thoughts on that either? Should there be more? Less?
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