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Author Topic: [Submission] Stanley's Repair Business  (Read 4126 times)

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[Submission] Stanley's Repair Business
« on: September 13, 2015, 11:37:46 pm »
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As mentioned in this topic: http://zfgc.com/forum/index.php?topic=41383.0

Stanley is a man in the slums with a propensity for fixin' stuff. Link can find/steal various items from across the land and bring them to Stanley, who will fix them and pass them on to whoever needs them.

Items Link can steal include:
A broken rocking horse found in the attic of a house in the nicer part of Hyrule Town. Stan will fix it and give it to Sebastian.
A broken mannequin found in the Old Town tailor's shop. Stan fixes it and gives it to Ester.
A discarded toy boat the Cleaner picked up. Stan will fix it up and give it to some kids who play pirates in the little river.
Scraps of lumber taken from the Deku craftsmen. Stan will use it to build a better bridge over the river in the slums.
Some cauldrons Syrup doesn't use anymore because they leak. Stan will patch them and Aladdin will use them to make more soup.
Some old metal hinges from minecarts on Goron Mountain. Stan repairs them and makes a gate for the fenced in area of the slums by the well. A woman starts keeping cuccoos there.

Some of these items Link brings to Stanley will directly affect Link in a positive way. For example, the cauldrons Aladdin uses to make more soup perhaps mean that Link can buy different kinds of soup, or cheaper soup, or what have you. Perhaps a new mannequin will be part of a sidequest helping Ester make Link a new tunic that gives him more protection.

Others, like lumber for the bridge, don't really affect the quest one way or another, but alter the environment and the player gets a visual reward of how they're helping the slums. Seeing a better bridge, or seeing Sebastian playing on his rocking horse, are sort of the equivalent of games where you can collect trophies based on certain achievements. The improved lives of the people in the slums are visual trophies for the player.
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