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Feedback / Re: Login/register
« on: June 09, 2022, 11:47:28 am »
Captcha doesn't seem to work on the site.

A guy came into #ZFGC and informed the few people on that it is impossible to answer

[10:53] <llama> Hi.
[10:53] <llama> I'm trying to register in the site.
[10:53] <llama> And it has what is basically an impossible caption.
[10:54] <llama> It says "The fish gave the swordsman a frog so he could make eyedrops. Who was making eyedrops?"
[10:54] <llama> Which is simple enough to understand, it's about the Trading Quest from Ocarina of Time.
[10:54] <llama> Trouble is the character in question, the Scientist, doesn't have a name!
[10:56] <llama> I've tried putting in Scientist, Marine Scientist, Lake Scientist, Professor, The Professor and even Mizuumi, his name from the Manga.
[10:57] <llama> But no matter what variant I use I just can't pass this damn caption and register to the site. How long has this been the captcha question? Surely you must have had a dearth of new users joining the site since this came up, because it's bloody impossible.
[11:30] <Link> I would idle here for someone to respond
[11:30] <Link> i had the same problem before I realized that I already registered
[11:54] <llama> Can you point it out to someone who runs the site? Even the contact section seems to not work.
[11:54] <llama> The url for the registration page is also listed as Not Secure on my browser, making it of questionable authenticity to begin with.
[11:55] <llama> I really want to join this site to show off a fan game I've been working on for the past ten years. This is the perfect forum for it, but actually joining is proving beyond troublesome.

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