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Author Topic: Star Runner: Alignment (now with AI vs AI) NEW UPDATES!!!!  (Read 1039 times)

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Dark Xion

Star Runner: Alignment (now with AI vs AI) NEW U...
« on: July 17, 2006, 12:21:07 pm »
Currently I am just working on the engine of this game, testing it out, and making sure it is smooth, but this game will not be like every other TDS Space Game out there, it is going to work quite differently.


The first major difference, is you are able to pick your alignment in sorts, what I mean by this, is you have the choice of Space Pirates, Alliance, or Freelance. Now picking your alignment isn't as smple as just picking which one you want to be at the start of the game, instead, every mission will have three sides to it. For example, as Space Pirates, one of the first missions you can choose is to destroy the Alliance Energy Core Containers, as Alliance it is to defend them, and as Freelance it is to collect the enrgy cores that come out of the containers whilst trying not to be killed in the crossfire of the ensuing battle. Now FL (Freelance) missions do not move your alignment, they are simply neutral missions that will not get either side mad at you, Pick SP (Space Pirate) or AL (Alliance) missions will boost your alignment in that direction as well as lower it with the opposing side. However say you pick a SP mission but turn on your team and kill your allies and fail the mission, sure you will get no pay, but it will boost your AL rating, say you pick a FL mission and kill AL units whilst you are doing it, it will lower your AL rating and boost your SP rating.

Right now, the only mission I have is the SP version of the Energy Core mission, but once the engine is smoother I will add more missions as well as the other sides of them. I now have added allied units to assist you in your mission.

Left/Right Arrows:
Turn Left/Right

Up Arrow:
Move Forwards

Down Arrow:

The Arrow around you points to your objective

Now for the Screenies:

Choosing  job Card

Pirates, Attack!!!!!!

It's all out war

Old Screenies
Blowing Stuff Up

Run For It!!!!

Just Flying Around

Teaching the enemy a lesson

Anyways just give me C&C about the engine and what you think of the idea of where it is going and what ever esle I should add
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Dark Xion

Re: Star Runner: Alignment (now with AI vs AI) N...
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2006, 02:58:38 pm »
New Major update, I have added the mission select system, the three missions are the same mission, but from different sides, so in the real game you will only be able to chose one of those three missions, but for the sake of testing you can play all three without having to restart the game, I have also implemented the fame and money and friends system, they can't really do anything, but this is how it's gonna work:

Alliance - The primary thing with Alliance is fame, the more you work for them, the more famous you get, if you get famous enough sponsers will buy you ships and equipment.

Space Pirates - For Space Pirates, you get friends, since you make less money and fame with them, you will typically have less powerful ships, but if things get rough, you can call upon friends you have helped out in past missions to back you up.

Freelance - With Freelance, you get money more than anything else, only Freelanceers can pick up treasures dropped on the field that can be exchanged for cash, which adds even more to the money. With more money you can get the most powerful ships in the galaxy, which is good cause as a Freelancer you won't have any/many friends or fame.

Now for the formalities

    - Mission Select System
    - Job Card System
    - Play as any of the three sides
    - Allies in missions
    - Money, Fame and Friends

Next Update
    - World Map
    - Full Usage of the Money, Fame, and Friends
    - Many More Missions
    - Storyline with (when there are endings) Many Multiple Endings
    - Random Mission Generator (So you'll never run out of things to do)

Anyways try the updates, and tell me what you think, please comment if you D/L, just so I can get a general idea about if it is too hard or what needs to be changed, thank you
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