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If any of you had used Photobucket in the past, your old accounts with images may soon change. I recently got emails from them talking about reducing the number of image stored in my account and also that I have exceeded their bandwidth - to where if I did not reduce my usage or pay them a monthly fee that my images would be watermarked or made inaccessible.

My main point is to say that if anyone else uses Photobucket as a free image host (e.g., you have images in a Photobucket account that you link to for a project/game or sprite here), you may want to download them from Photobucket and reupload here or elsewhere. It would be sad to see sprites or spritesheets ruined by watermark or to lose that history. The easiest way to download all images off of Photobucket for me was to download the Photobucket app off of the Android Play store (it gives you an option to mass download entire albums instead of picture by picture).

yikes :|

If anyone needs an alternative storage location for sprites, make use of the wiki:


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