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I have just recently started coding in Macromedia Flash and I am interested in learning how to create a Zelda type engine in Flash. I haven't been able to find any *good* tutorials online (at least, not yet) so I just wanted those with experience to help me out, if possible. Basically, any tutorials, examples, ideas, etc. that would be helpful to someone in my situation.

Thanks for your help!

I suggest buying a flash instruction book or just try to learn by yourself.

Joe I highly doubt he can buy Flash tutorial booklets for a Zelda Engine

Anyways Tippz, best luck is probably google...I can try and find you some to :P

Edit: I found this, :P For a start
Tiling in Flash Tutorial

I mean but a flash book about coding then learn to code it himself.


check out those websites, they have lots of resources and tutorials, nothing specifically on Zelda, but if you look at some of the other parts, piece by piece, you can put it together (for example, find a movement engine, and then another engine, etc.)


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