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I sequenced a midi version of the Twilight Princess Overworld theme that's floating around. Take a listen:
Listen or Right Click and Save As.

[UPDATE!] - Now with soundfonts:

It's towards the bottom. (I can't direct link).

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Great job! Although I'd like to re-hear the original .mp3 to compare them. Do you have a link?

You're a great composer, you should join Metroid Prime 2D!

pxl_moon (dotyue):
thats still not the overworld theme... its the e?? menu bgm... but good job

That's not bad... I've never heard of you, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but it sounds the exact same as the original, and there IS programs that can "copy" mp3 files into Midi files.... Although, being a musician as well, I won't bug you about it.

Now for some crits... In general, you have everything perfect, all this song could really benefit from would be some soundfonts, and possibly a secondary track for the flute when it gets up high and sort of wavers, if you know what I mean.

Q.K. - I woud like to see where you found an mp3-to-midi program that can produce anything as good as this.  I've tried a few of them myself, and they don't work AT ALL for anything with more than one instrument.  Even if there's just one instrument, it still ends up sounding awful.  The fact that it sounds just like the original is evidence of his skill, not ability to click a single button and have the work done for him. 

That said, great job Gyrowolf, sounds very professionally done.  Definitely one to add to my collection of miscelaneous Zelda midis. 


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