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he main GA hero characters:

The main GA villian characters:
DJ Venom
Terrific Tara

there are more members that show up in the next 4 parts
also one hero dies per part

I'm not spoiling the story yet though.

n Development Story[2 sentence version]: 300 years ago in the world of Arcadia a great Knight,sole weilder of the great sword style weapon, who goes by the name Kylink saves the world from the evil Creature Demos with the help of his 3 comrades. 300 years later Demos awakens from a temporary state of death.

there are 5 parts each start 5 seconds after the last story ended. It's like lotr cept longer and more stories. Also each part has 1 chapter[the first] in Kylink's perspective 300 years before the rest of the more just tells the reader more and more of his life and how/when/why he gets evil. Cause if you noticed on my first post he is listed under the villian category...

Also characters like Snuffems, Mamoru, Scrappersa, TRW [goes by Wombat in the story], TRM [goes by Saint Methuselah] and others make important appearances...also Tabby is the female protagonist of the story, Buster is the Male protagonist, Kylink is both an Antagonist and a Protagonist, and Terrific Tara[ goes by Tara...i know Tara is a guy] is the Female Antagonist.

arrow keys: move your asigned character, move Kylink
A: Buster's attack
S: Tabby's attack
Z: Fissure's attack
X: Walnut's attack
Q:Kylink attack
F1-F2: Buster's Spells
F3-F4:Walnut's spells
F5-F6: Tabby's spells
F7-F8: Fissure's spells
Space:Swap member control

New things in my game:
Clock-Displays date[Mon, Tues, etc.], Time[4:00, 8:15, etc.] Daylight [Morning, Noon, etc.]
Stamina- Physical Limits of the characters
Different Thoughts at different times- Characters will say different things different days 

Also every part has a different set of heros...besides Tabby and Buster who are the main characters through out the game...also for a small part at the beggining of each part you play as Kylink...who only like 2 of the 5 times you play as him there is an actual boss... and the 3rd part which is t the beggining of part don't fight enemies at all Tongue

for Buster the parts go 1-2-3-4-5
for kylink the parts go  4-1-2-3-5

These are some of the profiles of characters in part 1
Distinguishing features: Giant Sword,bright orange hair...
Bio:A young man of a group of ninjaesque warriors called Night Hawk. He was recently elected leader of the main team that does most of the things they do.

Age:30[Stopped after his death 50 years in the past]
Distinguishing Features: A Translucent Knight[can damage living things]
Bio:Once a great knight who teamed up with Saint Methuselah and 2 other people to defeat an unknown being. He got killed by the creature but for over 50 years his soul never got peace and he was left on earth.

Distinguishing Features:A Kodiak Bear
Bio: A great knight that just recently retired as the leader of the Night Hawks. He took care of Buster since he was a child after Bear found him in the forest all alone.

Distinguishing Features: Hair that goes down to her feet
Bio: Was once Buster's bestfriend but then she started hanging out with mean kids now she is Nuster's nemesis. She is the new leader of the Dark Pirates.

Distinguishing features: Brown hari, angry look, gives people the chills when he passes by.
Bio: A great and heroic knight that was the only person ever to defeat the evil creature Demos. After he defeated Demos he started acting different.

Distinguishing features: horizontal ying-yang symbol as a mask, demon hands, Spiked shoulder guards.
Bio: Leader of a group of demons. Though he is the only living one of the group he still has a creepy control over there bodies. Noone knows what happened to his group...or how he is still living.

Distinguishing features: looks like an demonic venus fly trap.
Bio: Was once a regular boy but his greed mutated him into a nightmarish being. It is said with this demonic form he gained the ability to take over bodies.

Joins Buster: After you talk to him in the torture room
Distinguishing features: a red frog with one eye that is always closed.
Bio: A frog from the land of Wyvrainia. He, his wife and 2 month old daughter went on a trip to Solaris. when all 3 were captured. His wife and child were killed on the spot...but he was to weak he couldn't do anything.

Joins Buster: In Xaio before facing of with the group Demon Thunder.
Distinguishing features: small white cat
Bio: a young female cat that lives in a town on the island Xaio[pronounced Zio] with a robot, called Astrosaver, and her male clone, called Cat Clone. She went on a trip to Solaris with her robot Astrosaver when she got kidnapped and her robot was shattered. Then She and everyone else captured got saved by Buster and Fissure.

Age:30 [stopped since he died]
Joins Buster: When you save him in the past from Dascu
Distinguishing Features: Head looks like a giant walnut, totaly white eyes.
Bio: A powerful knight under the King of Alexandria.He was near impossible to kill. The King ordered Dascu to kill him due to speculation of treason.

Age: 1,000,000
Distinguishing Features: Giant Silver Scythe, red cloak.
Bio: The new Reaper. He took the place of his father Chaotic Death[also called thantos] after someone finally killed him. He is leader of the group Demon Thunder...along with NeoGeo and Lupus.

Distinguishing Features: Giant Dragon, lightning bolt horns
Bio: A young dragon saved by the only person who was ever nice to him Bearer. Now he is his faithful pet..doing what Bearer asks without question.

Age: 2 years
Defining characteristics: A robot in the year 1723
Bio: A robot Tabby found outside her house one day she fixed it and kept it as something to protect her and also clean and do dishes etc.

Cat Clone
Age: 3 months
Defining Characteristics:Male clone of Tabby
Bio: Two months before Tabby cloed herself to help protect her and her stuff. Something happened and it was created as the opposing gender. It basically ascts as if it was a male version of Tabby.

Age: Ageless
Defining Characteristics:Plantinum creature with 1 half circle eye
Bio: Not really a being at all. It is created when darkness touches something pure. [Buster and various teams face atleast 20 of them].

Age: 13
Defining Characteristics:An alien that rides a ufo.
Bio: Was kidnapped by Dascu and forced to do his bidding since 5 years ago.

Age: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: Wears a cloak that covers entire body and face.
Bio: Stayed in the prison part of the Bandit Tower to watch the prisoners do what they do. Then MiN sneeks out to tell what the prisoners are gonna do, to Tara, after Buster and Fissure talk to MiN[under certain events].

Age: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: Giant Green Demon.
Bio: What MiN became after the use of a certain spell[under certain events]. MiNalien attacks Fissure knocking him unconsious so only Buster can fight this form.

Valium Man[Later Part appearance]:
Age: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: A super hero with the mask that has an odd description on it[look at Valiummans avy]
Bio: Once a great Hero of the far Future. [After Certain events] He gets Cursed and goes crazy. He goes on a killing spree on the people of the local town who helped him throughout his adventures. Buster and Tabby[and another person] must heal his curse somehow before he obliterates the whole countryside.

?[Later Part Appearance]:
Age: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: Collosal Orange Demon
Bio: The upgraded version of a villian Buster faced in the past. [after certain events] Buster, Tabby,[and someone else] must finally defeat the demon.

Age: 500
Family: Sol [Medieval Ages]; grandfather
Defining Characteristics: Colossal Flaming Knight
Bio: The new god of the Sun. He is the 4th in line of Sun Gods.

Sol [Medieval Times]:
Age: 3200
Family: Sol; grandson
Defining Characteristics: Colossal Flaming Knight
Bio: The third in the line of the Sun Gods

Age: 750
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: Colossal Moon Dog
Bio: The newest god of the Moon. He is the 3rd in the line of Moon Gods. They say the only way to become the new Moon god is to kill the last Moon God when it comes down from the moon.

Lunar [Dark Ages]:
Age: 1000
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: Colossal Moon Moth
Bio: The second god of the Moon. She ruled the moon during the Dark Ages, but was first defeated by a spiky haired boy with a talking cat, and a Mysterious Knight, then was killed by a Colossal Moon Dog, who became the next Lunar.

Age: 50
Family: Kleaver; son
Defining Characteristics: Demonic Rose
Bio: Was the father of Kleaver and Mayor of the evil town before it got cursed[under certain circumstances]. He, Kleaver, and 2 other escaped through a portal Vash found many years before the incident. But then Vash and Kleaver were caught by the thing that cursed the town. They were both turned into Plant people.

Age: 8[age he died at]
Family: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: Depressing water Soul
Bio: A young boy who was killed during a depressing time and his soul became entwined into the river where he died.

Age: 10
Family: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: A young boy who looks oddly like buster.
Bio: His bio is unknown.

Age: unknown
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: A maniacle Puppet
Bio: It is used in rituals to bring back a very Demonic being back to life.

Name: Limey
Age: 14
Family: Unknown
Defining Characteristics: Cat with limesque helmet
Bio: A young cat who oddly is familiar looking to Tabby.

Age: 35
Family: Nate[khrulez character] and Crystal
Defining Characteristics: bright shining yellow hair.
Bio: A great friend to Buster and like a older sister to him. She had 2 children, but she had to leave so they went to Buster's house and now live with him.

Age: 15
Family: Briannabo; mother. Crystal; sister. Buster; stepfather.
Defining Characteristics: Blue Hair.
Bio: son of Briannabo but ended up living with Buster after his mother left. Got kidnapped by pirates.

Age: 15
Family: Briannabo; mother. Nate; brother. Buster; stepfather.
Defining Characteristics: Blue Hair.
Bio: daughter of Briannabo but ended up living with Buster after his mother left. Got kidnapped by pirates.

NeoGeo X:
Age: Ageless
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: Giant NeoGeo.
Bio: Is created when 20 NeoGeos fuse together.

Age: Ageless
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: small purple creature, with 2 horns and a pointed head.
Bio: Either created by fusing 3 NeoGeo X's or the same way to create NeoGeos except using Demon blood.

Soothing R:
Age: Ageless
Family: None
Defining Characteristics: Giant Soothing.
Bio: created by fusing 100 Soothings together.

Age: Ageless
Family: Moffermn , Steel Golem
Defining Characteristics: shining Silver android.
Bio: Strong Robots which when there are 2-5 of them they can make a strong Star attack.

Age: Ageless
Family: SilverLink, SteelGolem
Defining Characteristics: Strong Giant Mutant Android
Bio: Upgraded SilverLinks which also increased greatly in size and strength. With 2-5 Moffermns they can do a powerful and destructive super star move. With 6-20 they can do meteor strike.

Steel Golem:
Age: Ageless
Family: Moffermn, SilverLink
Defining Characteristics: Futuristic Cyborg Golem.
Bio: only 1 of these exists and it is incredibly destructive. Made solely for 1 purpose to kill Buster.

Wow, sounds pretty good. And from what you got there it looks good too! XD I just see one problem... WHERE THE HELL IS MY NAME!?!?! XD

yeah weres my name?

Is this The Legend of ZFGC in a different form?  If so then where is my name?

We're all hated. Well..... all go make my own adventure game with..... blackjack and hookers. You know what... screw the game and the blackjack........ ah just screw the whole thing.


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