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Adventures of Arcadia Episode 1

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to bad...your name doesn't work in my game so your not in it.

also there are 2 spells that are named after ZFGC members.
Dyne-ken[it obliterates NeoGeos/Soothings]
and Torch-ken[seeks out demonic air]

Hero of Vortex:

--- Quote from: Buster on April 02, 2006, 05:08:34 am ---Actually i was the original person to think up an idea like this...first it was a game where you play as TRM with other members as bosses/etc, then it was a game where you play as a nonzfgc member[and it had ninty characters/worlds] now this....also yes if your not there you'll be in any of the other 4 episodes.

--- End quote ---

Well, I dunno. I'm pretty sure I never saw this topic in the ZFGC before Gamer's Advanced. Could be wrong, though... Anyways, heros dying is bad.

it was a different game... but i am the original creator of the idea...and i don't care if anyone tries to make a game on this idea.


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