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3 guitars layered (all me) playing Carol of the Bells

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So beautifulllll. You should make a longer version!

I will be jamming this out with 2 other guitarists on Dec 14 at my highschool for the Christmas choir concert. After we finish doing it instrumental the rest of the choir will perform it acca pella. Clearly I couldn't wait so I played it myself :P

Glad you liked it!

Dude, you really should upgrade your mic or something. I really enjoyed the music, but your background noise is insanely high, even if it is just a demo of sorts. The no expense route is to use Audacity's noise canceling, which is surprisingly super effective, just like Pokemon. But you've got enough talent that it certainly wouldn't be a waste of money to get something like the Rode NT1-A (my personal preference). But you'd need an audio interface to connect it to your PC/laptop. The other route is to go for a USB mic, but those usually have high latency for monitoring, which sucks if you want to record another track over top of another because you will hear your guitar play about a second or two after it was actually played, making it practically impossible to record layers. But that's generally how it goes if you don't have an AI.

Oh I know... I hate recording like this but it's all I've got for now. I was planning on getting a USB mic... but maybe not after you mentioned the problems with layering. So what's my best cheap option for an audio interface

edit; just tried the noise removal in audacity... it sounded all warbly and shitty no matter how much "less" noise I removed...


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