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Hello all, i have a quick question. Basically, my main overworld is large and has different zones from mountains to forests etc. It is one big room. And now im on the step of implementing music and sound in the world, i want to make more than just one overworld theme. I was hoping to get songs for Mountains and then a different for Forest and a different for Desert, and when you walk into a new zone the old music fades out and the new music fades into play. The fading out and fading in can be done with sound_fade(index,value,time) but im more worried about the sound. The map is a bit more than some square zones, and so the only two solutions for checking if you are in a zone is having tons of if link.x > this and link.y < this and link.x < this and having it be very weird and lots of unnessesary x and y checks, or having a sort of border that you collide with, but this would lead to huge objects.

So, is there an easier way to check this and set music for different zones, or is checking tons of x and y the most simple way to go towards this? My map looks something like this, so you could see all the different zones. This is why i dont want to check x and y, so is there an easier way to do this?

Game maker 8/8.1 here.

If you are using Gamemaker 8.1 standard you could use 3D sounds, I don't know if in studio you have to have professional.

Look through the manual for 3D sounds.

-This is all assuming you are using gamemaker-

Wow i forgot to specify. Im in game maker 8.1, not studio.

Well I have a few ideas, but I have a few things I need to ask first.

Is it view based, similar to the zelda or links awakening locked screen, meaning the view stays within a set spot or is it more akin to minish cap views not being locked?

or is it the view just follows link and can overlap the biomes, meaning like for example, forest and lake hylia on the same screen?

The view is not locked. Its more like LTTP, where you are in one big area and the camera follows link. The whole overworld is one map, with the view following link. Heres a picture of the level zoomed out from a while ago, as you can see everything is sort of connected and not blocky.
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