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Things done wrong in every 3d Zelda turned 2d

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Stickying this, great thread. 10/10 would read again.

I think there is a continuum between 3D and 2D - and rarely does a mechanic flow from one side to the other completely intact. We've mentioned Epona, platform jumping, and the Iron boots, and each has elements that could be brought over to 2D, but the correct question has been asked, "Why would you want to?"

It's a struggle between faithfulness to the original, and workable mechanics. We can't be all things to all people, and neither can games. So that is the foremost problem, imo. (the 1:1 conversion mentioned.) If the purpose is to create "the 2D version of _____ " developers must stake out on that continuum where each mechanic fails to be faithful to the original, and must also stake out where the story forces an unworkable mechanic.

Example: Majora's mask requires Link to don the Zora's mask to journey underwater to pinnacle rock. If we are transitioning 3D to 2D ala LA, can side scrolling be faithful to the story? In 2D Lttp, would the story force an unworkable mechanic? Futhermore, could we dispense with the story element altogether? If it does not move the story forward, it is a candidate for cutting, imo. Again, balance between faithfulness and workability.

Continuing with MM, stone tower would be almost completely unworkable in 2D; it exists purely as an obstacle - would we be willing to dispense with the stone tower altogether? Maybe, maybe not. What about the Pirate Fortress? Certainly there are mechanics that would need to be replaced, but cutting the area entirely would be a significant deviation from the original story.

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Speaking of doing things in the Lttp/LA/MC/ et al format, I think basing the design off an established nintendo design is a significant cause of fan games getting caught up in the same snags when designing remakes from 3D to 2D. This goes for making fan games, period, actually. If there is one thing I would do to stir creativity in the approach to designing Zelda fan games, it would be to forbid the use of graphics from any nintendo game. Use placeholder graphics that are not from any game in the series, even use graphics from other games entirely rather than a Zelda game. Making games is a visual process; visualizing in the mind, on paper, on the screen. And if you are looking at the same things all the time, you are going to keep gravitating towards the same ideas. So, after rereading this post, I guess you could say that the theme of this reply is that the "Things done wrong in every 3d Zelda turned 2d" is that every established 3D Zelda game is translated into every other already established 2D Zelda, giving us the same ol' same ol'.

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