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Can anybody get me these soundtracks (in MIDI)?

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Hi there. I have been working on a game for a few months now and I am almost done with it (pretty much have everything done except the credits XD), but I am missing two soundtracks that I really want to put in my game. Both are from the Minish Cap and I would want them in MIDI format. I can find them in MP3 but it seems like no one has it in the format I want.

Here is a site with the music : (it says "MIDI library" but they are all MP3s ::). The two soundtracks I am looking for are:

-Wind Ruins
- Enemy Attack

If somebody could find a source that has these tracks in MIDI I will be grateful. If somebody can somehow convert it from MP3 to MIDI for me (I tried) I will be very grateful. And if somebody can show me how to convert it (or even rip it out from the source game in MIDI) then I will be a little grateful  XD. In any case, if somebody can help me here then I will be thankful. I just want to put this project behind me.

MP3 to midi will probably produce a sound similar to dying cats :( I checked VGMusic, but their MC collection isn't too vast.

How do people get MIDI soundtracks in the first place? Did they rip it from the game or did they have to recompose it from scratch?

They typically compose it themselves

Midi files actually contain no sound, they're just like sheet music for another program to play songs. They're like the music for a player piano. And then in the analogy the soundcard or other program would be the piano.

So this made me curious, what format is music in a gameboy game in? Is it a midi kind of file and the gameboy has the software to interpret it and play the bing bong noises?


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