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Can anyone help me with online multiplayer for a four swords fan game


So I'm making a four swords fan game called legend of Zelda Dunegon quest, and I need some help with online multiplayer

Gonna need a little more info than that.

What are you coding it in?
What exactly do you need help with?

What I'm coding in game maker, and how to add a an online fuction and how to make each player a different link.

Let me try this again, I was hoping if someone could help me in game maker about online multiplayer and having each player having there own sprite, since I'm making a zelda game that's more in a style of four swords adventures.

What have you got done so far, any screens or videos of your work? Somewhere where someone can point out what needs to be fixed or an area that needs to be tuned up, etc.

Unless you are starting from the ground up or using an open source, you will have to get some other things out of the way first before adding an online function, unless you got Link object up and moving already.

Also welcome to ZFGC.


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