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Strange Request -- help finding my projects from 2007


Hey what's up ZFGC,

I used to come on here a lot...a long, long time ago. That would have been about 9 years ago! ha ha The thing is, that I made a bunch of projects back then that meant a lot to me, but I changed computers so many times that I lost them all. I wanted to see if there was anybody that still had these demos. Some of this stuff is from before the cakefarts administration, so I won't be surprised if it's gone forever. = The Legend of Zelda: Blade of Mirrors = When Friends Attack! = Comic Mischief!

They are probably lost in the sands of time, but if you do, that would mean so much to me to get them back and try playing them again, and maybe I could show my future kids. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.


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