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Hello, i am new and i present Kingdom of shadow online.
A game made by me with graal 2.22 (old graal client from 2003).

OS: Windows

KOS is a multiplayer a_rpg styled game playable with a client, and need a free account on the graal reborn comunity.
With this account you can access all servers from reborn for free, include "bomber arena", "phoenix", "kos" etc...


"In the kingdom of Aelys a long time ago, magic and science gathered men around the Divine Light. The people lived in peace and prayed daily to the goddess Lumina so that she would give them her blessings. The day when a powerful magician, called Axeras, presented himself to the king. Axeras was thirsty for power, it was an ambitious being and thanks to his powerful magic, he was soon in the good graces of the king who named him Great Enchanter of the kingdom.
However, soon after, the king fell ill and died under very strange circumstances ... not to say suspicious.
The princess of the kingdom, the sole heiress of the latter, also disappeared without leaving any trace and Axeras was logically named regent in his place to maintain the stability of the country.
It was then that the unfathomable darkness invaded the kingdom and that many men perished in never-ending wars.
Today, the fate of the kingdom seems sealed and the people are very sad to see their lands devastated, without being able to do anything ...
Only a legendary hero can make change this sad fate and discover the intrigue that hides in the high spheres of the castle revealing the truth about."

This scenario is not into the game at  now, because i am not sure about him.
The game is Under developement but is playable for 5 dunjeon.

The player starts with a sword, a lightning spell, and the game map.
The goal is to increase his level by going through the dungeons or hiding hearts and special abilities in the form of transformation into characters like Link.
There are 8 characters in total.
The player can also change his skin and possesses an inventory of his own, in other words only the player has an inventory, and not the characters "trans-form" the player can of course change a character to another or become him again Even at.
We have radio hyrule (streaming)+ my chanel radio.
Player can change tileset for the original graal tileset from 2003 or the Zelda a link to the past style.

Let's play:

The server is open 24/24 7/7, you have to register and follow the instructions here:

Oups i forgot the client :(!RXJlTDwT!Af8khyx9VD2qW16u0ls6S5keNIvMl9NSJ-ORkuhf-cA

And for finish sorry for my bad English.


Are you planning on eventually taking out all the Zelda/Pokemon/Mario placeholder assets?


I'm not trying to get a coherent universe, I'm just try to do a game with my abilities, and I'd see until I can go.
I would have liked to make graphics for the whole game, but I can not.
I am mainly trying to get a game whose gameplay does not have too much bug.

Multiplayer game is not very easy to build.

Nope, multiplayer is quite tough. Really cool you're taking a stab at it! Good luck!

Hello Bludbird  XD

I am AtriusJames. I played your quest the other day. I have a server on Graal Reborn too 'Atrius James'

I'm looking for platforms or a way to get this platform working to go Mobile or something..


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