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Breath of the wild in lttp graphics!


this is going to be a massive project and i need help please write down below what you wanna be and maybe if people can get me sprites? all would be very much appreciated. i dont know how to code so i need a game making program. just in case it needs money donations for a program ARE accepted but once i get one i wont accept donations. now i know i'm asking for a ton but i know there are skilled coders and sprites AND composers out there! so come on lets all work on making this!

I do not want to discourage you but I am locking this topic. The prior topic in Recruitment where you were asking for something similar for Skyward Sword had some advice in it which was useful - and in this topic you seem to be going  full-speed into a a project that by the sounds of it would be just be other people getting you sprites and audio, coding or teaching you to code, buying you a registered version of Game Maker (assuming this or another paid development tool), etc. It basically wouldn't even be your project at that point - what from it would there be left for you to take pride in or grow from?

ZFGC exists so that you can work aspects of a project like this individually, and if parts of it take off where others feel like they can contribute out of mutual interest then a project would tend to organically arise. Especially for a beginner, it would be for your benefit to start small and work your way up. Don't know how to code? Work within a tool that is free up until aspects of it that require money, make a walking engine and ask people questions when you get stuck, etc. Don't know how to sprite but are interested? Work on sprite edits or study those who had made sprite edits and attempt similar ones yourself. Many of us will be willing to help you work on those individual aspects if you put in an earnest effort. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, another global mod or an admin.


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