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(Kickstarter) Zelda Inspired Adventure, The Untold Legacy

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Its been awhile since I posted here but I wanted to drop by and share my game, The Untold Legacy. You can check out my old thread to see how far the game has come along.

The Untold Legacy
We just recently launched on Kickstarter with our first trailer and we would really appreciate ZFGC's support. Ive frequented this site for awhile and shared my various projects over the years from the rather humble beginnings to some of my more polished work. I even shared my very first Zelda-inspired game when I got my first start as a game developer. Its really interesting to see how far my team and I have come.

Trailer Link: (Sorry it wouldn't let me embed it)

Kickstarter Link:


I would love to hear feedback and hopefully get you guys asking questions! Im really excited to unveil my game and hopefully make it a successful one.

TFS EDIT: Fixed it for you, son.

WOW! I just saw the trailer and it looks fantastic! So good to see this game has developed greatly, and I love the new design for the main character. The artwork is fenomenal, and so is the music. Cant wait for it to get finished!

I'd like to see more of this.

This looks incredible!

Weird im not getting a notification from posts. Ill have to look into that!
Thanks for the kind words guys! Its really motivating, especially after such a long road.

Im actually thinking about even redesigning the hero again. I was thinking about making him older and less chibi. Ive heard some complaints, what do you guys think?


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