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Zelda Boss Keys charts, by request


I wonder...
I made some Metroid Boss Keys charts covering the entire franchise and now I'm wondering if I should make some for some Zelda games and fangame projects. Anybody interested? And if so, which ones?
(For the record, Mark Brown only made some and released just a small handful, then never got around to finishing the job.)

This wouldn't be a direct game project, but rather more like a research project to look into game design, both overworld and dungeon layout. Let me know if this is something that would be helpful to people here.

* Zelda 1 - Coming eventually!
* Zelda II - Ready for review!
* A Link to the Past - Ready for Review!
* Link's Awakening - [Original], [DX], [Switch] - Other versions coming soon

Martijn dh:
Yes please!

Imgur album for Zelda II Boss Keys charts, uploaded:

Imgur album for ALTTP Boss Keys charts, uploaded:

FINALLY. Imgur album for LADX Boss Keys charts, uploaded:


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