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[Finished] Mega Man III Gameboy - Dustman Stage



Mega Man III (UNITY)
One of the required courses for a game design class was a retro project of anything dating back roughly 1995 or earlier.  We had to have a partner.  My partner wanted to do something Mega Man related but he had virtually little coding experience.  I suggested Mega Man on Gameboy.  He wanted a charged buster and some flair so we settled on Mega Man III.

We then chose Dustman as the level we were to recreate.  I coded everything involving Mega Man, the HUD, everything not Dustman(title,game over, etc), and probably a good 60% of everything else since I had to clean up after my partner.

Anyway, it was a treat.

It runs in your web browser:

WASD or Arrow Keys
Z or K to fire a weapon
X or L to jump/slide

Enter is Start/Pause

Not everything is there nor was everything supposed to be there.  For a 95% grade, we just needed to implement 1 full level with everything more or less working except a boss.  The extra 5% is anything above that: weapons, bosses, titles, etc.  I think we nailed it.

I die when I go off the right side of the screen?
Probably just some Mega Man shenanigans, but really nice job!

Interesting.  Creating the WebGL output from Unity always breaks something that works great in the in-editor runner.  It's been a headache.


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