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[Finished] Dumpy & Bumpy (56k Warning)



Dumpy & Bumpy is a little puzzle game I threw together for a Michigan developer bundle over the course of 2 months!

Join Dumpy & Bumpy in this block pushin', bomb explodin', partner throwin' hectic romp through *50* puzzle stages with 5 uniquely themed worlds!
Controller support with XInput devices!
50 Levels to complete for you and a friend, or go it solo!
5 Themed Worlds to Complete!
Dodge danger, lift/ throw blocks, and blow up bombs!
Varying objectives for each level!
Play cooperatively, or mess with the other player!
VS Battle Mode!
Level Editor Coming Soon!
Most importantly, have fun!

Download Dumpy & Bumpy Here!

Dumpy & Bumpy is getting a Steam release, with 30 new levels, new mechanics, achievements, and more... stuff!

The game will be available there on the 5/27~

Dumpy & Bumpy is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 18th~

Announcement here


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