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Link, the hero of Hyrule.
Once a legenday name, yet only seen as a tool for the people.
And thoug I am ashamed to admit it, I was one of these people.
After we discarded him when he was no longer needed him,
he changed, and a darker Link lived on.
Until one day, years ago, he simply disseappeared...

However these days darkness is once more gathered in Hyrule,
and the people are calling for search parties to find their tool.
After a year of fruitless search parties,the people have finally
begun to realise that their tool would not return.
While some people were angry and demanded that he would
be found, and made to fight for them, most of us began to
understand that it was our ow fault Link left.
Yet now, when the days grow darker, and days even longer,
it is too late for us to right our wrongs...

In these perilous times, the only thing that stands between us
and the forces of darkness, is the stranger called Raven.
This bountyhunter, who appeared a few weeks ago, made
an offer to destroy the darkness, however it would cost us.
What the pice he demands is, has yet to be revealed.
However, for some reason we all feel he can be trusted...

Now all that is left for us is praying.
Praying that this darkness can be overcome once more,
and praying that we will have the chance to right our wrong,
and erase our sin...

-From the letters of Zelda, Princess of Hyrule

This is the story of one of the darker chapters of Hyrule's history.
A story of betrayal and a world where all hope is lost, driven away
by the very people that were supposed to be it's allies.
Yet one speck of hope remained, the mysterious bountyhunter
Raven.Will you listen to my story, and find out about the past and
 reasons of this enigmatic figure?

Very well, then take a seat and let me take you back to a time where
the struggle between good and evil was at it's peak.
To a time where there was a heart so pure, that even betrayal could
not not temper it's passion.

Good? Bad? Tell me.
this is supposed to be a zelda game that plays similarly, but at the same time very different from the usual zelda games.
similarly in the way of the weapons and such of the traditional games, but different because of the fact that you would
control more characters than just Link ( for example at one point you are just a soldier and after a shift of scenes you are
Link etc.).

I've read it...the story telling is nice, but its a little bit far fetched being in the Zelda realm and story things. I mean, Hyrule would never do this to Link. But the story is nice and original atleast.

I bet the evil forces is link coming back for his evil revenge.

Yeah i admit it is a little farfetched, but i thought i'd try something a little diferent then the usual evil kidnaps zelda, links pops up with a sword and shield and saves zelda, meanwhile destroying the evil in the process, and everyone lives happily ever after routine ya know.

--- Quote from: Piers on April 09, 2006, 01:41:08 pm ---I bet the evil forces is link coming back for his evil revenge.

--- End quote ---
might be or might not be, if my idea works out he's both the 'evil' and he's not, but i have to think a lot more 'bout that first


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