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I'm curious, what's the difference b/t C++ and C++.NET?


I've been using .NET for a while and I was wondering what the difference is between the two?  If AP Computer Science runs next year i'm taking it.  See, my school uses macs for their programming and if the course is in C++, we won't be using .NET as that only works on what's the difference other than that?

Piers: is Windows only. C++ is cross platform.

therabidwombat: has a lot of new libraries that C++ lacks; as well, it is designed to interact easily with other .net applications, such as visual, etc. However, it is also 'managed' code, which can create weird errors, and has a lot of more rules over how things have to be done than C++. I personally prefer regular C++ as opposed to managed c++.


--- Quote from: Piers on April 08, 2006, 08:06:39 pm is Windows only. C++ is cross platform.

--- End quote ---
Incorrect. You can use to create cross platform code. There's a few different ways it can work, though. It can be managed code, which requires something that can run .NET (available for Windows and Linux, I might add). However, you can still write normal C++ code with

.NET - Uses the .NET Framework, so you need that to run the exes. All executables are also compiled when run, this allows it to be cross-compatible (though the only official platform at the moment is windows) as it allows it to be compiled to the native code of a particular platform, without being recompiled by the programmer.You also have several other features, such as the extensive libarys, garbage collector..etc

Regular - Pretty much .NET without everything said above.


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