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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory 2D


Coci Cookie:
I had this idea this morning when my mum was playing Maximo VS Army of Zin on PS2. To remake Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, but as a platformer!  ;D

Story: Maximo returns to his kingdom after a war to find it taken over, and his loved ones captured, by the evil Achille. When he goes to attack Achille however, he is wounded and sent to Hades where he meets Grim...

But Achille is also using a drill that takes out souls from the underworld so Achille can power his undead army! Grim offers Maximo with a deal, to be returned to life to defeat Achille, and to make sure of his pact, Grim will return Maximo to life when he dies ONLY if he has a death coin.


-4 worlds: Graveyard, Swamp, Icey land and Hell
-Many powerups that allow maximo to do new skills and special moves
-Treasure chests that contain one of two things, Treasure, or mimics!

-:Progress:- (YES I KNOW ITS AN IDEA, but I'm gonna do it so I might aswell put this here so I don't have to write it in when it gets moved ;D)
Graphics: TOTAL 0%
      Title: 0% (I'm gonna work on it)
      Maximo: 0% (I will recruit a spriter to make these for me, YOU WILL GET CREDITS)
      Enemies: 0% (SAA [Same As Above])
      Powerup Sprites: 0% (These will take me very little time, so I think I shall do them sorry :D)
Sounds: 0%
Coding: TOTAL 0%
      Maximo: 0% (I'm gonna need help with this >.<)
      Enemy AI: 0% (I think I shall lets someone else do this and put them into the credits)
      HUD: 0% (I might be able to do this, so I will call for help with this when needed)
      Misc/Other: 0% (SAA)

So, C+C. I really hope someone can help me with this I REALLY fun idea of making  BRILLIANT game into 2D

THX in ADVNCE if anyone wants to help ^_^


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