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Yes, I tried VGMusic.  They have a total of one, and it seems fine in the beginning... but once it gets past the "intro" and deeper into the song, it sucks.  So if anyone has a better one, or could fix the VGMusic one, that'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I'll give it a try later tonight. Should be easy but good ear practice.

And actually, the intro also sucks on the one. ;)


--- Quote from: Goodnight on April 16, 2006, 01:01:30 am ---I'll give it a try later tonight. Should be easy but good ear practice.

And actually, the intro also sucks on the one. ;)

--- End quote ---

Yay, thanks a ton!!
(I know you haven't done it yet, but still XD)

Okay, I've got this done, sort of. Wasn't very hard. :P

Check that out, and you might want to compare it to the original. The instruments and volume levels sound near-perfect to me, but MIDI sounds differ with sound cards. So let me know if it needs urgent changes.

Also, it's not looped. I don't have the OST handy anymore so I don't know how many times it loops or when it fades out, "officially" speaking. If you could, tell me how many times you want it looped and what kind of fade you'd like.

I've been trying to learn MIDI loop points forever and still can't do it. If anybody out there knows how, this song should loop from beat 47 to 19.

Will re-upload when it's finalized. ;)

Upon re-listening, I think I varied the expression too much on the piano tracks. It's supposed to get slightly quieter and louder through the melody; tell me if you think it goes too quiet.

Insturment-wise, I can't decide whether I like "String Ensemble 2" (what you have) or "Choir Ahhs" better for the melody... I'll be experimenting with that.  Compared to the OST the Ahhs sound better, but compared to yours the String Ensemble has a better tone to it.  But I can change that if needed, I have my own MIDI program for small changes like that.

Among those changes is a looping process, so I can bring it to loop from the end to note 19 over and over with no real problems :)

The program that I use (RPG Maker 2003) has its own looping system, and also it's own fade-out system, so you don't need to worry about that ;)

The only thing that I might want changed is the piano, as it does get a little too soft at points and I can't seem to change that with my program.  So if you could do that, that's all I'll be needing.  Thanks a ton, though!  That sounds awesome!


Oh, and if you wanted the OST:

There's I think, 4 OoT OST's, but that'd cover everything that wasn't in the American OST along with some extra stuff.


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