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Coding / Moving along Slopes?
« on: September 05, 2012, 04:20:18 pm »
Hey folks, it's been a while. Alot of stuff has happened. Got a 2:1 at university. Now look for work, been working on indie games etc.

But today I'm stuck. We all remember the irritating moving along slopes problem right? Well finally work on a project where I actually need this in the game, I have spend the last 3 hours trying to fix the problem but with no luck. I've had a look at the various movement engines here at ZFGC including the MC engine to try and understand how it and I'm left confused due to the complexity the engines themselves. Along with the heat, I have been left frustrated. So I've given up trying to solve it myself so I thought I'd ask here again.

Right now the engine is pretty standard. As I've scrapped all my attempts and started the movement engine from scratch again (7th start again)

Code: [Select]
if place_free(x + m,y + n) //(m and n are calculated based on the angle and the distance intend to travel)
x = x + m;
y = y + n;

I'd really appreciate any help. Especially if someone is able to help me solve the problem by explaining how to solve it.

Characters / That Dragonite With The Fancy Top Hat
« on: May 03, 2012, 07:59:47 am »

That Dragonite With The Fancy Top Hat

Rumours have spoken of a Dragonite who sails the seas of the Pokemon world wearing a monocle, a royal red tie and has a fancy top hat. Rumours also say that it walks around with a cane exploring the Pokemon world on cruise liners. Apparently it inherited a vast fortune from the passing of its trainer. Many trainers have been left baffled by the Dragonite with a simple question. "Why does it wear a top hat?"

There have been cases where trainers have tried to catch the Dragonite with the fancy top hat. There was a stupid kid with a pikachu from Pallet Town who tried to catch it. Dragonite just hit the trainer over the head with the cane, gave the trainer a coin and walked off. It was seen leaving Johto on the SS. Aqua heading for Kanto. Apparently it's looking for a 24k gold pocket watch.

(PM'd Starフォセーキン before posting to confirm if it's original and she confirmed it's originality :D)
Response from Star : "Wow, that is AWESOME! XD. Yes, you have my full approval of originality"

Other Projects / [Request Feedback] Legena : The New Dawn
« on: February 21, 2012, 06:59:56 pm »
Howdy folks, Tetiro's back in the W.I.P section.

Project New Dawn

Normally I'd provide you guys with a demo spilling with content so much it would break the box I am bringing it in with and a topic that was sparkly and shiny. But not this time. Why? Well, there's a few questions/queries regarding GM Studio which are giving me a headache so we're just making a Feedback Demo topic. Now you may ask why Project New Dawn would need information on GM Studio? Well it's because me and my gang of team members are developing our first commercial project after years and years of practice and what better way to start than to produce a game for Android/iOS devices eh?

But like I said before, this topic will only be for feedback demos. This is because well...it's kinda hard to produce actual content demos for the game when GM Studio isn't even out yet. So I'll be producing an official demo topic later in the year so I'm making a casual feedback topic for now hence why it's not a formal topic. So what's the point in this topic? Well like I said, it's for mobile phones and developing games for phones means you have only the touchscreen to control. Which is difficult. Not impossible but difficult.

(Feedback Demos = A feedback demo is supplied with a list of things we want feedback on)

Information and Controls
I'm guessing you're bored of the background of the project and want stuff to do with the actual game now? Well here's the information

Category: Turn Based Role Playing Game
File Size: Under 3MB
GM Version: GM8.0 (To be GM Studio in the future)
Vista Compatible: Unknown (Someone clarify)
Changes Screen Resolution: You have fullscreen and normal screen. The screen resolution will be dependant on whether there is an "I" at the end of the version number. "I" means iPad (512x384). If it doesn't, it's at 480x320 as of V0.08+

Now I assume you want to know how to control the game? Well, here's the control layout.

(I apologise for the very small writing. I will improve it within the week. Hopefully.)

Current Content
  • Ingame Menu System 90% complete (Abilities section is left to completion. In the version after the Battle system)
  • Areas to explore
  • Object Interaction and talking (Such as NPCs, Loot, etc)
  • Fully 8-Bit graphics (No we're not being lazy. We actually followed the rules to 8-Bit. And apart from transparency, our colour palette is only 15 colours. Are we dedicated or what?)
  • Mouse Controls (Though on the mobile phone, it's touchscreen)
  • Character Movement
  • Buying/Selling
  • Sounds
  • Battle Engine 90% complete (Game Over can't occur and the Player HP can go less than 0)

What do we need feedback on?
As the point of the topic, we need feedback on stuff. It's not like the usual topics here where you just state bugs, say if you loved it or not and so on. We have some things we'd like to know. So we'd appreciate a reply if you try the most recent feedback demo and answer our questions.

  • Apart from there not being a Game Over and the Player HP can be less than 0, are there any bugs?
  • What did you think of the Battle Engine?
  • Do you think that the Battle Interface is easy to use?
  • For enemies up to level 10, do you think the difficulty level is right?

By answering these questions GMC, we can produce a finer quality game. So please give feedback. Though before you try the demos, there's a few things you need to know.

  • The game IS intended for mobile phones with touchscreen. So any complaints on the mouse button not being the right idea for the project will be ignored. As if the game is sold on computers, we will make the controls suitable for computer
  • The graphics and audio style is 8 Bit. This was done as it suited the style of the project. Therefore you will find stuff you may think is a graphical error. It was done to keep in tone with the 8-Bit ruling. Though if in doubt, please post a screenshot circling the supposed error
  • We've done our research in the manner of polls and other tools on the graphics and audio style, the game itself and whether a commercial RPG would be bought on the mobile phone. The results were positive
  • We've got our ears wide open to feedback. Some will be ignored. Though almost all of it will be taken note of. We do have our reasons if we choose to ignore the feedback and we will explain our reasons. After all, this is a feedback topic.

Feedback Demos
Without a further ado, here's the feedback demos. I will be keeping an archieve of the feedback demos. Any struck through I have removed.

Demo V0.05 (Added 24/01/2012) - Contains Ingame Menu System, Object Interaction, Mouse Input and Character Movement
Demo V0.07 (Added 29/01/2012) - Adds the Buying/Selling Engine. Plus an update to the Heads Up Display
Demo V0.08.I (Added 05/02/2012) - Demonstrates the game in the iPad dimensions. Analog Movement Control has been improved
Demo V0.09 (Added 09/02/2012) - Sound Effects have now been added [Found fault. Forgot to add the Text file to this version. Easy fix. Just download a previous version and copy the Text file]
Demo V0.15 (Added 17/02/2012) - The Battle Engine at 90% completion (Game Over and Player HP being less than 0 left to sort). Also feedback from TheUltimate has started being used

What's to Come?
There's still a long way to go. Though fortunately regarding the actual battle gameplay, I have no worries of that. But here's what will be in future feedback demos which we will need feedback on.
  • Saving and Loading (UI Design)
  • Battle Engine (Game Over and Player going no lower than 0 left to sort)
  • Music (Due to MP3 queries that YYG need to answer, this has to be put on the back burner)

How can we support the game?
Well we'd love to see you following our Twitter Account
Feedback is heavily needed to make sure the quality is great!

Coding / [Maths] Gaining EXP Formula
« on: January 14, 2012, 03:08:13 pm »
Howdy folks, Tetiro here. I need some help with a maths formula and seeing as this is a Programming and Maths sub-forum, I thought this is the best place to gain help on this.

I've recently been working on the programming side of my team's Turn Based RPG for the Android/iPhone devices. And I've gotten stuck on Experience.

I have this formula for the EXP curve.

ROUND( 10 * ( 1.1 ^ n ) )
Red = The Experience required at Level 1
Blue = The Percentage increase every time the player levels up
Green = The Current level

Now the formula works but now I'm working on the formula to determine the amount of EXP the player gains when they defeat an enemy. Now the problem is my formulas are too much of an overkill or they barely give any EXP at all.

I was wondering if I could get some help working out a formula? I'm going to be working on this as well. Here's some things about the gameplay that could affect the EXP formula. I think.

  • The player can control up to 3 warriors in battle
  • There are up to 3 enemies in each battle
  • When a character levels up, their current_exp is reset to 0
  • Enemies level up to 65 whilst Characters level up to 100. Meaning once the Characters are level 65+, the enemies with the highest EXP will be at level 65 experience

Audio / [Request] Some Skyward Sword tracks
« on: January 01, 2012, 06:49:50 pm »
Okay folks, I need a few tracks ripped for little old me. They're needed for a sidequest where you defend the Mountain Pass (and fight the optional boss). So I need two tracks ripped for me.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnWYG11I2kY <- Scaldera/Tentalus Boss Theme
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lakzevm7Mhk <- Tentalus Attacks The Ship

I'd really appreciate this request being done as without them, I can't do the sidequests as these tracks give the best theme for the sidequest

MP3 or OGG will be fine. My composer will be tinkering with them any to allow them to be in Chiming Bells

Entertainment / [Request] A Game Database?? (For university work)
« on: December 22, 2011, 11:00:23 am »
Hey folks, if you noticed, I made a topic looking for development tools to test for my university project.

Well I need your assistance again! (As well as in the dev tool topic)
I need to find a list of games for each console in each generation!
Such a request you may ask why? Well I need to examine the evolution of turn based role playing games so the best way to is to examine the turn based role playing games from each gaming generation.

So could someone bring me a list of games for each console for each generation?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_computer_and_video_games <- Click the Console tab on the right to see the generation

I'd really appreciate it folks! This will make my life much easier

Graphics Requests/Archive / [Request] Destroy my stone tile!
« on: December 22, 2011, 10:47:46 am »
Ok folks, remember this topic martijn made?


Well it's time to do some more destruction folks! I need about 6 broken/destroyed tiles (5 broken and 1 destroyed) of the tile attached to the post.

I'd really appreciate the help folks!

Entertainment / Zelda Timeline Leaked
« on: December 21, 2011, 03:42:18 pm »
Well it's official. We now have an answer to the zelda timeline


I am so glad this was how the timeline went. Because I had made the Chiming Bells timeline very similar to that! Just rather than "Link fails" split, it was called "split c". For once, one of my timeline predictions was 99% right! (100% if you ignore the title of the 3rd split)

So what do you think of the timeline? Do you think this the real deal? Or do you think Nintendo have the secret timeline still to come?

Whilst I wait for music from my composers, I'll be writing out my facts and theories onto how I made my timeline. Based on the fact that this timeline matches mine, they should be on the same page in terms of reasons.

Discussion / [Need help] Development tools for my university work
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:09:08 am »
Ok folks, here's the thing. For my final year uni project, I'm developing a turn based rpg engine. But I need to research different development tools/kits to make it look like I haven't picked one already.

I already have 3
C++ and Allegro
Game Maker 8
RPG Maker (Only if it's free)

Can people chuck my way suggestions for development kits/tools which are free to use?
Thanks in advance

Coding / [Need help getting started] Efficient Link sliding on Ice
« on: December 16, 2011, 10:57:02 am »
As you know, in Chiming Bells, Link and Chia are heading to the Frozen Peaks. Now what sort of icy mountain would it be if it didn't have ice that you slide along when you stop running.

One problem though. The last time I attemped such a engine feature, it went horribly wrong. So rather than attempt it without having a clue, this time I'm going to ask ZFGC for tips and hints towards getting it to work.

So let's start with a question. How does the Link sliding on Ice feature work in terms of programming?

Graphics / [Request] Chiming Bells Tiling Feedback
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:04:13 am »
Howdy folks! Today I require tiling feedback and maybe hints to make it better? A bit of information is needed for this.

In Chiming Bells, the Yetis reside in the Frozen Peaks. Unlike their appearance in Twilight Princess, they have created a habitat for the race. In Chiming Bells, they have become a race who salvage and collect goods and sell them (and gained the title as "Merchants of Hyrule") now I have been on a designers block on how to show this then it hit me. The only proper way in a slightly more evolved Hyrule (remember the steam punk? well the Yetis dont use steam punk as much (But in the Fire Chapter gorons use tons of steam punk!) as other races).

Make a Hyrule frozen version of a shopping mall. So I set around going into the town I live in looking at the shopping malls (The older ones not the newer ones) and tiled my idea of the shopping mall.

Now the idea of a shopping mall in Zelda is a bit contreversial in due to it being a modern day idea but I felt I made it work. Anyway, I'd like to hear some feedback in regards to the tiling (it's not finished. proof of such is that two shops haven't been tiled to basics yet.)

Now what about the red stuff and the images circled in red? That's what the shop is and what it sells. The letters relate to the shop)

A - Fairy Queen's Tunic Store
B - Miyamoto's Design Shop
C - ???'s Shop (Secretly Vaati)
D - Shara's Bottle Shop
E - Smith's Shield Shop
F - Gora's Coal Shop
G - Icali's Mechanics Store (Part of the story)
H - Empty Store (For Sale in the game. Maybe? :P)
I - Bug Catcher's Pet Shop
J - Oaku's Bolt Bazaar
K - Grandma's Potion Branch
L - Marco's Bomb Shop
M - Old Woman's Potion Shop (Nothing sellable as you don't have license. Allusion :P)
N - Iceberg Cafe

I'd also love to hear suggestions for shops! They don't have to sell stuff to the player (in fact I'd like this more) (and maybe someway to get the Chain Chomp allusion across?)

Things Left to Add
-Shop signs and features so you can tell which shop is which (hence the windows on near most of the doors)
-Lanterns so you can do midnight shopping
-Plant features
-Cafe stuff
-The other two shops

How does the Frozen Mall help in Chiming Bells
As you complete sidequests, more of the stores become open. Someone of them don't sell items however the ones that do. Well think of it as a Malo Mart turned into a Malo Mall. Ridiculously low prices on stuff!

Entertainment / Interesting Zelda Fan Project I found today
« on: December 07, 2011, 02:24:26 pm »
I was browsing Deviantart and found an art piece. Long story short, a few page clicks and I found this


It is a reimaging of the Zelda Cartoon. Don't jump to conclusions and think it's crap because it's actually pretty good. If Nintendo had done this for the cartoon, I defo would've bought it on DVD

Let's hear your thoughts on this project

Graphics / [Request Feedback] Stain Glass Window for Zelda : Chiming Bells
« on: November 25, 2011, 04:52:51 pm »
I decided to enter a Zelda fan art contest on BitF so I'm doing an art piece.

(Going to improve it later. Ain't the window shiny?)

In this beloved stain glass window there are quite a few allusions to the zelda series :D

-Princess Zelda of course!
-Link too!
-Oh the shiny Triforce of Courage, Wisdom and Power!
-And the Hylian symbol!
-A descendant of Ganondorf too? (His name's Rodri btw :) )
-The lovely but rude Chia, cousin of Fi (Gotta love Fi)
-Inspired by Wind Waker's stain glass windows :)

I'd love to hear feedback on this. I want these graphics to be good. After all the project is to tribute 25 years of Zelda so gotta do it professionly :)

(I took this from my post on the BitF forums and edited it a little. Gotta love BitF, I can be a casual forum member)

As you know, The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells is looking towards the second dungeon! This time round, it's time to seek designers for the dungeon. The first dungeon was designed by me to be simple puzzles. It's time to kick up the difficulty.

So I'm looking for dungeon designers! Now there's a few things you should know about the Frozen Shrine

-It can have no more than 2 floors which are no bigger than 1216 x 800 pixels. (This is excluding the boss room as this gets a seperate room)
-In one of these 2 floors, there must be a Map, a Compass, a Big Key and a Mini Boss room
-The Frozen Shrine is used by the Yetis as a water supply to all of Hyrule. This means that ice and water can be used in this dungeon
-Based on the fact you now have the Megaton Hammer, you can whack solid ice blocks to simulate the Pushing engine normally found in Zelda games. As for cracked ice blocks, you destroy them with the Hammer
-You gain the Clawshot in this dungeon. But not only does it clawshot over pits, you can grind across wires and pipes above Link. I will be providing a video to show how the Clawshot works
-Chia has given Link the Calling Bell. With the bell, Link can call spirits on Spirit Platforms to get their help. Their help can be anything within reason. For instance to get into the Frozen Capital, Link uses the ice spirits to create an Ice Bridge to cross the mountains.

If you feel like helping me out by designing the Frozen Shrine, please post here or PM me

Audio / [Request] Sound from the Ocarina of Time "Creation of the Triforce"
« on: November 05, 2011, 10:26:46 am »
There's a sound effect I need but I have no idea where to find it


If you listen past 1:18, there's a sound that is played when the blue ring shrinks. Could someone please find it for me?
Thanks for any help. I'll be still looking for it

Graphics / [Request Advice] Chimney Smoke in the Zelda games?
« on: November 03, 2011, 01:26:39 pm »
Okay, lemme start by saying I spent the last hour+ looking through the bomb explosions and other various effect sprites in all the 2D games to look for something that would make a good Chimney Smoke effect for Chiming Bells. But I'm having no luck.

I tried spriting them but no luck as well. Now this isn't a serious problem but I'm looking for advice.

Does anyone know how to sprite smoke effects or know of effect sprites that would make a great Chimney Smoke?

Cheers for all those who help

Graphics / Chiming Bells Art Practice : Chia in Wind Waker style
« on: November 02, 2011, 10:22:39 am »
Today I bring you Chiming Bell followers a treat. Based on the position in the Zelda Timeline Chiming Bells is in, the artwork (but not the sprites) I've decided to do Wind Waker artwork styled.

Why? Because it seems prettier than the other artwork styles :P

Anyway, my talents are drawing are limited. So I'd like some feedback on the sketches I made in my notebook. So attached is a drawing of Chia, Link's companion in Chiming Bells.

Discussion / Looking for some suggestions for Allusions
« on: October 31, 2011, 02:18:27 pm »
Howdy folks! As you know, NCFC marked the first Chapter of Chiming Bells. For Chapter 2, I fancied letting ZFGC suggest some things to make allusions about in Chapter 2.

Allusions are references to something. Throughout the Chiming Bells game, you will see many references to the other Zelda games. Like Tingle from Majora's Mask!

So whilst I'm performing bug and quirk fixes, I'm opening up this topic so that ZFGCers can request their favourite characters, items (only as references), etc for Chapter 2! A quick note, the more related to the Water/Ice element of the chapter, the more likely it will get in. Even puzzles can be used as allusions. So literally suggest anything you wish!

Up to 20 references right now shall be accepted. I'd like to make some references myself. For instance, there will be a statue of Queen Ruto. We all know which game she's from ;)

Thanks for reading the topic and I hope to see some interesting suggestions for allusions

(The numbers bolded have been implemented)

Tetiro's Allusions
#41 - Chia will tell Link the Creation of the Triforce. Like the Great Deku Tree told Link in Ocarina of Time
#42-#43 - The Creation of the Triforce's sacred realm is based on the Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past's sacred realm combined
#44 - A statue of Queen Ruto will be in the Frozen Shrine. A reference to Ruto the sage.
#45 - A statue of Queen Rutela will also be in the Frozen Shrine. A reference to Rutela from Twilight Princess.
#46 - The Great Fairy of Water is exactly like the Great Fairies in Wind Waker
#47 - Rodrick announces to Link and Chia he will change the fate of Hyrule on Febuary the 21st, 1986. The date that the first ever Zelda was released.
#48 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a man in a small house who says "I am Error". A reference to Error from Adventure of Link.
#49 - On the way to the Frozen Shrine, you will see a merchant who tells Link about the Frozen Lake. This is Stockwell from Oracle of Ages/Seasons
#50 - In the Frozen Shrine, there is a frozen lake and you can see a frozen Parella, Kikwa and Mogma. The three new races introduced in Skyward Sword
#51 - In the Frozen Peaks outside Frozen Shrine, you'll see Loftwings soaring above the Frozen Shrine on the Day of Farore. Another reference to Skyward Sword
#52 - In the Frozen Shrine great fairy room, there is a wall painting of the Skyloft crest. Once more a reference to Skyward Sword
#53 - In the Mountain Pass, you'll find on the Day of Din an ancient robot playing with the children. A reference to the ancient robot race in Skyward Sword
#54 - In the Mountain Pass, in one of the houses is the Harp Nayru owned. A reference to Oracle of Ages
#55 - Outside the Frozen Shrine is frozen formation shaped like the Four Sword. The sword of the Four Sword trilogy
#56 - There is another frozen formation but this one is in the shape of the Phantom Hourglass
#57 - Another frozen formation. This one is shaped like the train from Spirit Tracks
#58 - The final frozen formation is of Linebeck from Phantom Hourglass
#59 - The character Rodri is one of the last remaining Gerudo. Gerudos are from Ocarina of Time
#60 - The character Kiehs's name is Shiek backwards. Shiek was a character from Ocarina of Time

ZFGC's Allusions
#61  - Miyamoto can be found in the Frozen Capital. None other than the creator of the Zelda series
#62 - Chain Chomps can be found as pets all over the Frozen Capital. They were used in Link's Awakening
#63 - In the Mountain Pass during the Day of Farore in the morning a Keaton may be found
#64 - In the Frozen Capital there is a sick child. He caught a cold catching bugs with his net. A reference to the child in Link To The Past
#65 - In the Mountain Pass there are kids running around the town playing a game of heroes and villains. They reference Valoo and Ganondorf from Wind Waker
#66 - In the Mountain Pass there is sick man with a woman standing near. The woman complains that her uncle was going to annoy a beehive with a stick but a green kid gave him another. This references the Beehive man in Link's Awakening
#67 - In the Frozen Capital, Knuckle who is a brother of Tingle can be found. Another reference to the Tingle appearances
#68 - In the Frozen Shrine, there are wall paintings of the Wind Fish. The same Wind Fish from Link's Awakening
#69 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a Tokay begging for meat. A reference to the Tokeys from Oracle of Ages
#70 - In the Mountain Pass, you can talk to a old woman who talks about a Subrosian Singer. The same one from Oracle of Seasons
#71 - In the Mountain Pass, the is a blue flying cucco. A reference to the Flying Cucco in Link's Awakening
#72 - In the Frozen Capital, there is an old yeti who speaks about the story of a man who travelled between worlds. This is the story of A Link to the Past
#73 - In the Mountain Pass, there is Anju and Kafei. Kafei is from Majora's Mask as is Anju
#74 - In a old house in Mountain Pass, there is a man who talks about a spell that could turn you into a Fairy. He speaks of the Fairy Spell from Adventure of Link. (Little note, this is the sick man)
#75 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a cat chasing a Picori. The Picori are creatures from Minish Cap
#76 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a old man who tells people to stay away from the well due to evil spirits. A reference to the Well from Ocarina of Time
#77 - In the Frozen Capital, there is an old woman who will only give you a potion if you have a license. Similar to what happened in The Legend of Zelda
#78 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a Korok trying to plant a tree. A reference to the Koroks planting trees in Wind Waker
#79 - In the Mountain Pass, there is a dwarf blacksmith. A note to the blacksmiths from Link to the Past
#80 - In the Frozen Shrine, there is a statue of a Picori. The Picori come from Minish Cap

Howdy folks, if you played this game http://supersmashland.com/, you'll notice that it's a demake of smash bros for the Game Boy.

For fun this summer, I decided to sprite Isaac from Golden Sun in this style. It's just for fun so please enjoy.
It's not for use though. Mainly cause I told Dan he could use the sprites should he wish too.

Small feedback would be appreciated and who thinks Isaac should've been a playable character in a smash bros game?

Zelda Projects / [DEMO] The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells
« on: September 04, 2011, 01:47:52 pm »

The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells

Celebrating 25 years of the Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda : Chiming Bells is back in progress! And we're going to try and bring the Zelda crown back to ZFGC from NCFC 2011!

Chiming Bells is set after Spirit Tracks and follows the story of how the next hero became the Hero of Bells and who he and Chia, protector of the Chiming Bell rose up to fight Rodrick, Hyrule's greatest swordsman as he attempts to use the Chiming Bell to his will to bring himself great glory. Although Rodrick knows the legend of the boy in Green Clothes and has hidden the bell whilst he deals with Link and Chia. Will they be able to stop Rodrick before the bell strikes three times?

Unlike previous attempts on this fan game, the content in terms of the story and dungeons has been cut down but the lost dungeons have been replaced with many sidequests and things to do.

Point of the Project
To celebrate the 25 wonderful years of Nintendo's fantastic franchise, The Legend of Zelda! To create a fan game as a tribute to Miyamoto and the The Legend of Zelda series. To show Miyamoto how much the fans of Zelda adore the franchise. And wish for another 25 glorious years of the The Legend of Zelda franchise!

(A note to Nintendo, this project is in no way claiming any ownership to The Legend of Zelda series or anything within it. This project is purely in regards to celebrating the 25 wonderful years of The Legend of Zelda and nothing more. It will be forever freeware to the entire community. Should Nintendo wish for this project to be ceased, I will have no quarrels with such and thus end the project. We hope Nintendo will never choose this option and let us celebrate the 25 years with a fan game based on tributing the franchise.)

Wind Chapter : The Legend begins! When Link explores the Festival of Spirits, he has no idea that he'll run into the passage of fate and must save Zelda and the Chiming Bell from Rodrick, greatest Knight of Hyrule. He later meets the rude Chia who becomes his companion as they set out to the Howling Woods. [Current demo contains this chapter]

Water Chapter : After acquiring the Wind Crystal, Chia and Link head off to the Frozen Peaks to acquire the Water Crystal. However they must scale the blizzards and shatter the ice blockages. But during their efforts to gain the Water Crystal, they meet two new allies. The gerudo warrior Rodri who knew the Royal Family and Kiehs, a mysterious Shiekah.

Fire Chapter : With the Wind and Water Crystals at their disposal, Link and Chia swiftly head to the Magma Cliff to collect the Fire Crystal. However with the knowledge that Rodrick knows their plan, they move with caution as Rodrick will no doubt try to stop them. What's more concerning is that Chia thinks Link is going mad. For he says he keeps hearing someone sing.

Earth Chapter : With only one Crystal left, Chia and Link head to it's known location. However Rodrick seems uninterested in their endevours to grab the Earth Crystal. Perhaps he knows something they do not? For in this chapter of their mission, things are not what they seem. For Chia realises Link was hearing someone sing. And Chia may have figured out who it is.

Knight Chapter : Acquiring all four Crystals was no simple task, for now they must confront Rodrick to save Zelda. When they travel to the Sky, they are met by the person who was singing to Link and confirms Chia's theory on who was singing it. Chia realised only one person had the knowledge to perform such a song lost to time. For the singer was the oldest companion.

Royal Chapter : (The details of this chapter contain spoilers. Until the Knight Chapter's completion, this chapter is left blank)

Sacred Chapter : (The details of this chapter contain spoilers. Until the Royal Chapter's completion, this chapter is left blank)

Allusions : To celebrate 25 years of Zelda, there are many allusions to the previous Zelda games. See if you can spot them all.
The Days of Hyrule : The Day of Din,Nayru and Farore always have different things going on. From collectables being available to a sidequest beginning.


The Hero of Bells and Princess Zelda meet for the first time.
(Allusion #1. Look at the decorations. The objects hanging from the string are only coloured with 6 colours. The colours of the six sages)

Rodrick deals with Link for the first time. But of course dealing with the residents of Hyrule Market beforehand.
(Allusion #2. The stage Link and Zelda are standing on is used by one of the Composer Brothers to tell the story of the Spirit Tracks)

Link meets a rude Chia for the first time.
(Allusion #3. Chia speaks using Midna's sound effects and her design is slightly inspired by Phi)

A demonstration of the Days of the Goddess.
Top 2 images. On the Day of Din, a goron merchant will appear in Hyrule Town to sell you bombs.
Bottom 2 images. On the Day of Nayru in the Hyrule Sewers, a Piece of Heart will appear.

Already Available Upon Demo Release
Pretty much everything before and after the Forest Shrine dungeon without going into the Frozen Shrine dungeon storyline.

On the To Do List
Kick the musical composers up the backside for being late

Demo 1

Screenshots and Art
To the Deviantart!

Best Zelda of NCFC 2009


Show your support to the tribute to 25 years of Zelda

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Credit and Copyright
Nintendo retains full copyright of the Zelda concept, art, etc. Pretty much everything!
Z.R.E.O own the music you will hear ingame so please visit them at www.zreomusic.com
Dayjo owns the sound effects. So visit his website at http://noproblo.dayjo.org/ZeldaSounds/
And I got the sprites I didn't sprite from Spriters Resource. Please visit them at http://www.spriters-resource.com/
Also got a Ganon sprite from Master Yoshi. Kudos to him for making an epic sprite.
Not to mention game4ce for ripping the Skyward Sword trailer music and making the lyrics to the Song of Bells
And who could forget Martijn for designing the Frozen Shrine, helping me with programming and generally being awesome! A true Goron Brother
Then there's Sir masterpaul, the architect of making things prettier

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