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Entertainment / Anyone Pre-Ordered or getting Nintendo Switch early March?
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:15:33 pm »
Anyone pre-ordered or getting the Switch early? I am trying to get it later, but it seems like more guys who got Zelda and the system early already making videos on Youtube, and I'm trying to not get spoiled like skyward sword. I just saw a thumbnail for Halo Wars 2 and that alone spoiled it for me :C

Entertainment / Youtube contest someone may be interested in
« on: February 19, 2017, 08:02:47 pm »
So there is a contest to win a Nintendo Switch by someone I had subscribed to a while back. The Youtuber's name is HMK, who does theories and videos on zelda, kingdom hearts, etc.

For anyone that is interest in it, give it a shot  8)

10 days left tho
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE5Ndcerkmw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE5Ndcerkmw</a>

Entertainment / Nintendo Switch Trailers
« on: January 14, 2017, 02:41:50 am »
You can thank me later ;)

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw47_q9wbBE" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw47_q9wbBE</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kcdRBHM7kM" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kcdRBHM7kM</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJuiTw6nk7A" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJuiTw6nk7A</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN4w5D2tzME" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN4w5D2tzME</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7s3UB_8dFM" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7s3UB_8dFM</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ1SbHLXlH8" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ1SbHLXlH8</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POsTR5iy_TI" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POsTR5iy_TI</a>
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKlRN2YpxRE" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKlRN2YpxRE</a>

Graphics / DnD project sprites (based off megman sprites)
« on: September 12, 2016, 08:00:59 am »
AS I said before, if I get enough done on my zelda game, I would do a bit of work on my side-project.

I'll just be updating the sprites for the characters here, not going to put up top-down versions of these characters until those are all done.

Friends and Foes

Bosses upgraded sprs (Terrai, Beast-Li, Zegma, DJ Nadi)

James Konta

Bianca Airesus (Steel Maiden)

Yula Steelbound

Shouboku (Floating Head Phase)

Ryuka Jezaku (Neo Yakuza Boss)

Hiro "BullBot" Haidaku

Entertainment / Nintendo Strikes yet again!
« on: November 16, 2015, 08:58:08 pm »
Well it happen again, Dream Mix, the creator of Zelda Maker got a C&D from Nintendo. This is what probably happened to oot2d as well.  :-\
Makes me wonder why Nintendo has so much bottled up anger for fan games being made :S.
But for me, I think the more publicity a game gets when it's not completed yet, the higher the chance Nintendo will creep out the cave and starts taking things down. There shows showing our creativity.

But Dream Mix has changed up the engine to Legend Maker, so not all hope is lost, something very good will come of it.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2y9Q706SLA" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2y9Q706SLA</a>

I'm trying to narrow down a few pages I have currently, I'm not sure if just remove everything on a single page will delete what I'm trying to get rid of or not, in a way I'm simplifying everything I've edited/added in the past.

Sorry for the random out of the blue question.

Entertainment / E3 2015
« on: June 15, 2015, 09:25:23 pm »
Well dunno if people got to it or not but here ya go XD


Nintendo is on June 16th, EA is giving a show right now :D

NBA Live, Fifa and Star Wars Battlefront is now on my game list

Entertainment / Anyone seen World War Z?
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:21:00 pm »
What do you think of it?

I mean I watched it after seeing Man of Steel, however, WWZ started very late into the night and I kind of dozed off in certain parts lol, was very tired that day, didnt expect to be in the movies that long too.

Anyway for those that saw it, what do you think?
For those that didnt see it, would you watch it?


Dragon Diary - Cybernetic Threat in Japan (Reign of White Dragon)
Dragon Diary - 日本におけるサイバネティック脅威 (Reign of White Dragon)

Genre: Beat em Up, Adventure; Platform/Scroll-based
Graphics: Most likely Megaman like graphics, the 8bit one
Gameplay Style: Megaman, Cave Story like
Created: Story wise , 2006, wasn't a coder back then, so made the story instead.
Engine to create it in: Game Maker, formerly rpg maker
*This game will be made, will be short, noting to insane, I am still making my Zelda game, just wanted to put out something of my own for once.*

Stuff added:
V Characters and Locations below this  V

*sorry for the wall of text XD, but anyway*

This story was created as a quick mock up before I worked on Zelda. Keep in mine, I've gotten pretty far in development of my Zelda game, however, I do find myself going back to my original concept to edit the story a bit more.

This is just the very beginning of what happened, the actual story takes place 200 years from what is shown below.
The prologue is something completely different from the actual story, but some key factors within the full prologue is sort of linked in a way.
The story is also like a Teen Titans meets Kick-Ass kind of thing, with some young teens to adults+ either fighting for good or doing crime.
But among them are a few with actual powers to use against an opponent.

I "Might" be working on this soon after I get dungeon 6-7 in Zelda completed. If I do make it into a game, it will either me a short RPG or a Side Scroll adventure similar to the Naruto games on GBA.
The game will take place in Old Japan locations such as Kyushu, Tokyo, Unzen, Nagoya and the Gato Islands where the player must not only help the Japanese build a rebellion against the virus spreading gang, but to take back Japan and destroy the source of the virus.

The prologue the player plays as the mysterious rookie, however, the actual story, the player places as James Konta of Kibou, New Japan. A 16 year old swordsman, trained since age 3, born into the newly reformed Yakuza, baring the yin dragon birthmark on his back, in addition, using his superhuman strength and speed in battle due to his bloodborn trait.

Plus down below shows a very old concept/picture of an enemy encountered in the story, my drawing sucks, but you get what I mean.

So tell me what you guys think of this.

Prologue in story:

March 23, 2125
Warehouse of BioTechnology Inc., New Kyushu City in Kiatkyushu - Old Japan

"News Anchor: Breaking news, Leon St. Marc II, The director and chief of biotechnology, has been taken hostage within his own faculty by a booming gang known as The White Dragon. SAT in Tokyo has already underwent protocols to send in SWAT teams to deal with The Whit*cut transmission*

Vitarius Mei'Leon: Send us your pathetic police and little SWAT. For mere tactic you attempt against us, will only result bigger problems that you all cannot bare... You people should know better not to dealt with us, we are the future of Old Japan...*end transmission*"

SAT of Tokyo sends 1 of 3 of their highly trained SWAT team lead by Ayumi Saito (U7 group). Among them is an unnamed member they called the Rookie(Other members being Zantao, Tanaka, Yula Steebound, and Brutus).

On the station, the team can here Japanese anchors address the issue with incoming threats from the gang holding up the warehouse.
Ayumi sends The Rookie along with an American recruit named Barret Steelbound. The 2 used stealth tactics to clear the route of gang members and meet up with Ayumi and her crew.

The Rookie and Steelbound accompanied by Ayumi's crew, along with Japanese SWAT raided a warehouse of a gang known as The White Dragon and defeated the major threats found inside, Vitarius and Fe'Lora MeLeon, Japanese/French natives in Kyushu. After their defeat, the SWAT team made their way into the storage room where the so-called hostage, Leon St. Marc II is found, but heavily injured from plasma induced weaponry to the side of his belly.
SWAT did not only recover Leon, who died shortly after, but a futurist device feeding information to a bio-engineered android marked as S011. The crystallized data, along with everything connected to the Android had been transported to an old faculty that is used to destroy technology to prevent landfills. After the death of Leon, all documentation, holograms, etc. where later destroyed, leaving the raid, along with the events that occurred a history.

The game will be a scroller, very short, using classic mega man graphics. The only thing will be missed is the ability to team up with other heroes, instead, you play their story, it can be short or long depending on the character.

Below are the characters in the story, and their race, will add information about them soon in form of a summary.

Present Day Characters
Main Protagonist:

James Konta
Show content
Other names: Jamie
Race: Japanese - Kibou, New Japan
Age/DoB: 16, just turned 16  a bit before this story
Siblings: Lucas-10, Joel-21
Affiliation: Born into reformed Yakuza(Yin)
Warriors of Kibou
Team Emerald - Small group of swordsman originated in New Japan, former months after story
James, Garret, Cladd, Mia, and later on Caveboy, Kyuza, Martin, Bugsbi

Main Enemy: Boshiku & the rest of White Dragon; Black Shadow Gang ;Yakuza(Yang at times it depends) ;Professor Kervel ;Lord Sheer ;Shang

Info: Born in the new western island next to Japan, named New Japan, James was born in Kibou and raised by his cousins. James and his relatives started their physical training at age 4 and worked their way up to learn the way of the sword. James also had a younger brother by the name of Lucas, and an older brother named Joel who trained along with him. Joel took his leave due to his brother besting him in every type of training. James was left to not only train, but care for Lucas.
As he got older he moved to New York to visit his uncle. There James dated Miranda, and also shown his first act of heroism helping Darkskull chase a man named Rashad Rose. Rashad shot James only to be surprised that the gunfire didn't kill him, in fear, Rashad fear for his life and ran into a huge cabinet full of chemicals that crushed him, apparently dying.
After this James blamed himself that he killed Rashad, but Darkskull told him it wasn't his fault.
In order to grow stronger, James isolated himself and trained, only getting contact from Team Emerald for operations.
At age 14 James discovered his special trait, being a Full blooded Dragni, this deemed him strength, sense and speed, and somewhat invincibility to most weaponry.

Other Confrontations
Vs. Bianca
James chased a criminal by the name Kaddak who was causing trouble in Soho. Kaddak had already placed a trap in an abandon warehouse and tried to enable it, only to have his second pursuer show up, which is Bianca. Bianca captured and cuffed Kaddak, and attempt to fight James, seeing that he is part of Yakuza, she is unaware of the clans at this point. After the fight, Kaddak was able to escape triggering bombs in the warehouse and diving into the opening in the ground to swim away, James carried the defeated Bianca and saved her life, only to have her threaten him and spit in his face.

Vs. Kaddak
A young Scottish man who processes the ability to form into a creepy figure, kind of like jackal and hyde, in order to use shadow-like abilities against his foes.
He worked for Kervel and at times had a few run ins with not only James, but others as well. He is fairly weak, but his actions do a lot more damage. He was the one who kidnapped Sakura and gathered supplies for Kervel. Later on.
On his good side, Kaddak is ruthless, yet, shows respect for his foes whereas his other personality will do anything to harm them.
So this villain has a dual personality that often puzzles others. His past is very dark and it is reveal when he is taken into an asylum.

Vs. Dr. Kervel
The surrogate father and mentor of Walkner, a discharged scientific who worked for the military goes underground and uses his intelligent expertise to mess around with James and Co. He was successful able to capture a yound hero and turn him into a weapon, which was captured and stored away in a base. He met James when he kidnapped a student from a High School in order to repteat what he did before, this person was Sakura, friend of James and adopted sister of Kai. James was able to locate Kervel, who tried to kill him with machines within his lab. James defeated Kervel only to find out that it was an android posing as him and set to self-destruct in 5 minutes. James saved Saurka and fled the area, before the building blew up, the real Kervel watched the whole event from a hovering camera bot in the room, and plot his next move against James.

Kervel at some point was able to capture and clone James, resulting in the creation of Jmare, only creating a new enemy for James and himself in the process.

Vs. Walkner Vile
James along with Team Emerald chased the 14 year old troublemaker who was using robots to steal supercomputers from a corporation in New York. James easily took down Walkner's robotic suit and took him to the police. After this, James was informed about Darkskull and later on, the situation in Old Japan.

Vs. Rashad Rose
Singer and Artist turned criminal, attempted to rob a store nearby James' school, he was already being pursed by Darkskull and later on, spotted by James. James helped Darkskull and chased Rashad into a laboratory building. Rashad push scientist out of the way to give him distance from James and Darkskull. In the cabinet room, Rashad threaten James and shot James in the head with a revolver like gun. James tilted slightly and said "Ouch that hurts". Rashad in fear started running and hit a nearby cabinet, trying to hold it up, his arms gave out and the huge chemical fell on him apparently killing him.
The event didn't kill Rashad, but formed him into an oozing monstrosity. Rashad, known codename Purple Goo commits many crimes to fish out James in order to get his revenge on him. There has been many fights that Rashad has bested James in battle, until his weakness was found out by James.

other unimportant confrontations
Lizo - After Story
NeoNinja - Mention before, met after story
NeoRose - During, after story
Sheer -After Story
Shang - After story

Main characters:

Kyuza Airealo
Show content
Other names: Sky
Race: Japanese/Egyptian was an orphan in Egypt, wanted to go to China
Age/DoB: 18
Affiliation: ???

Main Enemy: Neutral, but fights to keep evil at bay

Info: Just like James, Kyua is a Full blooded Dragni. He used a Zanbato and is wearing old armored and a long red scarf to cover his face. Kyuza is mixed, being Japanese and Egyptian, however, he was taken in by an old Chinese monk into a temple and started his training. Kyuza thought himself how to use a sword and the Chinese man gave him a Zanbato as a gift. With it, Kyuza practice using the heavy sword, and later on, it was like nothing to him when his Dragni abilities awoken in him. During meditation, Kyuza wondered about his Egyptian heritage and went off into Egypt to find the truth. He wasn't able to find anything, however, he found a sturdy set of armor bearing his father's name in a shop. The armor led him back to an old battered hut, where he found nothing, but a scarlet scarf in it's ruin, he knew nothing of his parents were to be found so he took the scarf in remembrance of his effort. The quite Kyuza joined James after helping him deal with some criminals during his visit to America. He was about to leave, however, James' hospitality and his caring friends made him stay, despite not being use to technology and other stuff. His caretaker insist that he stays, that people may need his help here.

Jared - USA
A young american boy who was granted electrical powers by being hit by black lighting during a storm. He teams James, but later on, with Core's group. Even thought he has these powers, it puts  a strain on his body if overused, thus, Jared, also know as JL, needs to rest for long periods of time to recover.

Miranda - USA
The former girl friend of James, she uses some fighting styles in order to fight crime. Despite being a flirt, she is a very kind person and does what she can to help out.

Jordan Wayne - USA

Bianca Aries
"All criminals deserve death, it is the only way to keep these streets clean, wouldn't you agree?" ~ Bianca Aries
Show content
Other names: Aries, The Steel Maidan
Race: Chinese/Thai, from Thailand raised in Beijing, China
Age/DoB: 19
Affiliation: Founder of Maiden Society

Main Enemy: Former Rival of James Konta ; Enemy of the late Borojei

Info: A young woman from China who took up the name Steel Maiden after training herself to the fullest, physically and mentally.
She became an assassin and avenge her long time friend who helped her escape human-trafficking run by Borojei. Her influence empowered China, while other parts of China disliked the idea of vigilantist, let alone an assassin deal with criminals.
After discovering a rare type of metals and technology, Bianca was able to create newer suit, which enable her to teleport short distances, also transferring her suit to her when needed. Without the suit, she carries light weaponry and uses heavy gloves and boots to cripple her foes. She has contacts to scan and observe objects or people, even locate them.
Bianca detest criminals and often kills them up until she met James, to this day she only kills when it feels right, also considering her ways of dealing with criminals a type of judgement.
Bianca soon created an android wolf to assist her in her battle against criminals.

Origin of the Steel Maiden name came from the people of China, when she was spotted fighting Black Shadow members while the news recorded it.

Neo x Rose
Show content
Other names: NeoRose, real name unknown
Race: Japanese, she is also from Kibou, New Japan
Age/DoB: ???
Affiliation: Unknown Shinobi Clan, by NeoNinja;  Part of Maiden Society

Main Enemy: Current enemies, a rival of James and NeoNinja

Info: Mysterious girl who is with Steel Maiden. She is armored with new version of the Ii Naomasa swords x2 and dressed in a shinobi tech suit, which makes her a bit lighter in her step. She often gives rude remarks to James as if she knows him. She helps James and Kyuza defeat Danik in the story. She also has bracers that produce small disc that turn into energy shrukens and when it contacts something it burst into light, like a flashback, also break the disc into sharp particles.
She mention her former mentor to be NeoNinja and now Steel Maiden. Like James, she doesn't like the killing of enemies unless time calls to it.

Leon St. Marc the 5th
Show content
Other names: Lance
Race: French/Japanese
Age/DoB: 18
Affiliation: bio-tech cooperation

Main Enemy: White Dragon

Info: he young and handsome CEO of a bio-tech cooperation in New Kyushu City. He at times help Japanese SWAT deal with White Dragon Gang. He keeps Kyushu and other part of Old Japan safe. Leon is possibly a half Dragon due to baring the eye diamond eye structure, being a bit stronger then red eye Dragnis, being James and Kyuza.

Leon from time to time contacts SWAT about their progress and insist on helping them or often he is in need of their help.
Leon in the story tends to be generous towards one of the members in James' team, Miranda.
Leon also knows James' Dragni heritage and often reminds him, which one of them is stronger.

Kengi - ???
Show content
Other names: Ken, Kenneth
Race: mixed/Japanese
Age/DoB: 18
Affiliation: Japanese Rebellion against White Dragon

Main Enemy: White Dragon

Kengi is a young fighter who organized a rebellion against White Dragon after they took over smaller homelands and slums in Old Japan. With the small amount of people he had at his disposal, Kengi was able to shake the crazed gang long enough for police and SWAT to intervene.

James and Co. joins Kengi who is currently dealing with Yoroshima, who is basically controlling San'ya Japan. After this Kengi and friends made their way to Miyazaki to stop Danik.
Kengi and his company aids SWAT along the way, even trying to take down the generals of Danik in order to save the captured Japanese civilians.

Kengi knows many languages including English, he is fluent in French and Japanese, unknown to where he had learn French.

The Bad Guys:
Well the guys in the story

Lee Song
"Big guy tryin' to act tough, lets go at it then brah!" ~ Lee Song
Show content
Other names: LS, Lil Boy Lee, BeastLee
Race: Chinese, from Lhasa Tibet
Age/DoB: 15-17
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: None
Info: A Chinese teenager who turned to crime due to being rejected by his own society. In order to hide his grey furry persona, he wears a dark blue hoodie, and hides his ears underneath a set of headphones. Lee has join a few petty criminals and gets into trouble.
Lee later learns about White Dragon, and thought to himself that he may have a chance to join them. So he too a shuttle to Old Japan, avoiding the many dangerous ahead just to join White Dragon.
He success, and proved himself well enough to be a high ranking member, now giving his own orders and having people follow him; members that follow him all wear blue hoodies as a symbol of Lee Song.

Lee quickly befriends NaDi and Zegma, for the 3 of them have a common interest in music, also the reason why Lee speaks the way he is, due to listening to many songs.

Lee knew English before he spoke Chinese, his father taught him this before he ran off.

Danik Tomoshi
"You came to the wrong neighborhood..." ~ Danik
Show content
Other names: The Recruiter 2nd. took over for Yoroshima
Race: Japanese, born in Unzen
Age/DoB: 40 (Half Dragon - White Eyes)
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: Most likely Kengi
Info: A criminally insane convict, who was in for assaulting and attempted murders and theft. Danik himself is a half Dragni baring the White diamond pupils. He dressed himself up in a samurai like fashion, due to all Dragni's basically samurai or swordsman, he wields two katanas. Danik is stationed in Miyazaki, fighting off rebels with his generals. When confronted by James and Kyuza the fight ended in a draw, however, Danik recovered forcing Steel Maiden and Neo to aid James and Kyuza in battle. Steel impaled Danik, dropping him in seconds, after this James and co. fled the scene rescuing the little children Danik held captive.

It is unknown if that blow killed him or not, but before police were able to recover his battered body, it was already gone. Witnesses spotted a small group of people rushing away with him.

Yoroshima Aurama
"White Dragon shall prevail, look around you... You've already lost." ~ Yoroshima
Show content
Other names: The Recruiter 1st.
Race: Japanese
Age/DoB: 47, death at that age; 2325
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: None
Info: An intelligent mind who became a convict, now sides with White Dragon to take over Old Japan. Yoroshima and his men took over the slums of San'ya and Miyazaki. He uses a beam sword and a laser-like weapon to overpower SWAT and police that are using old fashion weaponry.

After James and Yuna chased him inside of an old slum building, Yoroshima called up a helicopter in order to escape back to base. He spotted James and shot him in the stomach. As his copter flies away, Yuna shows up and shoots the pilot with a Plasma Rifle, causing the helicopter to spin out of control and crash down below the slums, destroying a few old homes and buildings in the process, after this, Yoroshima was presumed dead on sight. His death crippled White Dragon, forcing Danik to take command after Yoroshima.

Nadila Domashevich
"Within the boundaries of Russia, music like this literally controls you!" ~ NaDi
Show content
Other names: NaDi, Krystel
Race: Russian, from Saint Petersburg
Age/DoB: 17
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: KGBRusko
Info: A Russian punk band member who was kicked and turned to petty crimes to survive. She suffers from a disorder the makes her somewhat unaware and insane, shockingly, music calms her. She turned to stealing to purchase her equipment only to be caught by KGBRusko and brought to an asylum. She broke out and was also kidnapped by Black Shadow gang who plan to use her for human-trafficking, however, she was saved by KGBRsko and thrown into the same asylum. Nadi wised up a bit and wanted to leave Russia, and just her luck, White Dragon recruited her and created an old fishing warehouse into a club/housing area for Nadi, which she named it Blacklight.
In return Nadi's job is to recruit more members using a virus mixed in with her music, resulting in some clubgoers gone missing and or losing it in Blacklight. White Dragon also created robots known as Red-Russian-Guards to protect Nadi.

Jona Barotelius
"Mis amigos encantadores, make yourselves comfortable, you won't be leaving here tonight..." ~ Zegma
Show content
Other names: Zegma, Morty, Scar
Race: Guerrero, Mexico
Age/DoB: 23-25ish
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: None
Info: A troublemaker from Guerrero, Mexico. He often gets himself in trouble and nearly killed due to his appearance. He adopted the Undead like fashion due to listening to old Mexican tales, and ending up one night in a cemetery. After this experience, Jonas life had changed.
He was also a musician, and often played music in cemeteries in order to scare passerbys from his hideout. Due to his new life style, Jonas family dishonored him and didn't care about him unless he changes his ways. He was recognized by White Dragon and was transferred to Japan to cause some trouble.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen... I am in a bit of a rush, and it seems you possess a small piece of property of mine..." ~ Boshiku
Show content
Other names: Odd One, 仲間外れ
Race: Probably Japanese, Origin unknown
Age/DoB: ???
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: ???
Info: An ominous, slender looking figure who is only spotted when retrieving Zegma from the SAT headquarters in Tokyo. He/It is dressed in a pure white suit, and appears to be wearing sunglasses, but later it is reveal that his eyes are pitch black, with no pupils. He easily defeated Hima and his crew within the base, also vandalizing the building in order to free Zegma. Hima described the figure to Yuna, and considered Boshiku a high value threat and a possible link to the cause of this cyber virus and corruption in Old Japan.


Show content
Other names: none
Race: Japanese from the Sendai, Japan
Age/DoB: 22
Affiliation: none
Main Enemy: White Dragon and or other criminals
Info: A huntsman who uses old weaponry for fishing, trying to maintain the old ways of her village. She captures James who shows up on shore and imprisons him. When she figures out James had escape, she had her men go to various parts of her village in order to prevent him from leaving. James made it into the forest her Makoshi placed barriers and other objects to prevent James' escape. Finally she confronts him assuming he is part of White Dragon and fights him. James defeats Makoshi who runs falls back and hopes of seeking out her father. Her father told her that James isn't the enemy and lowers part of the force-field that protects the village and the forest from White Dragon and or the virus. She is later recruited by Kengi in order to assault Danik's generals.

Hima Saito - JPN

Yuna Saiya Steelbound
Show content
Other names: Ms. Steel, Yu, Saiya(nickname)
Race: Japanese, American, born in Ohio
Age/DoB: 26
Affiliation: JPN SWAT / SAT of Tokyo former officer in USA
Main Enemy: Evil doers, including White Dragon
Info: A Japanese American girl who followed her roots by becoming a cop, and later on took her leave to Japan to join SAT's SWAT team in Tokyo. She is at her peek and takes crap from know one. During the crisis she does her best to trained the rookies and aid SWAT with operations to deal with White Dragon. Ever since James and Kitty's Arrival, she took interest in James and tried to mentor him about his bloodline, often making James wonder if she is the same as him. Yuna is a weapon specialist and his only kills targets when the time calls to it, for example, the shoot out with Yoroshima. This even reveal that Yuna is a highly trained sniper, using high tech rifles to kill, tranquilize her targets. She is Hima's 2nd in command and often takes the initiative to deal with certain situations.

Mr. Sherk - UK
Walker Vile - USA/Germany
Ivan "Caveboy" - Switzerland/USA
Panther - S. Africa/USA

Past Characters
in the Year 2150 (Prologue)

Kyo " The Rookie"

Ayumi Saito

Barrett Steebound
"Hell's about to break loose, Rookie. You best prepare for what is about to go down, there's no telling what about to go down in that warehouse..." ~ Barrett

Yula Steelbound


Tanaka Mashi

Amy was at the warehouse of the time, probably forced to do White Dragon's bidding by going against the police. Amy had been halted by Zanato and she confessed that a few members in the warehouse are forced into or brainwashed by members of White Dragon. This prompted Ayumi for the Rookie to be caution of his targets, however, before this, The Rookie used ninjutsu to disarm or render his victims unconscious, despite carrying a P90 substituted with a different kind of bullets that don't kill, but harm and a short sword-like weapon, unlike other members using mostly real weapons to deal with the threat.


Vitarius Melion
Show content
Other names: Lord Vita, Lord of The Warehouse, Sr. Melio-ne
Race: Japanese/French
Age/DoB: 50-53, death at that age; 2150
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: The Law
Info: In the prologue, he threaten police that anything they do will result in Leon's death, and often place his transmission in front of the News. He orders White Dragon around to prevent the police from breaking through in order to buy time, most likely he needed St. Marc II alive for something. Vitarius confronts Kyo and co. in the basement and nearly defeats them until more White Dragon storm the room to continue the shootout, having Vitarius flee from the fight. On the final confrontation with him, he teams up with his sister to fight Kyo and co. only to be defeated again after a brutal battle with Kyo, who basically took the duo alone.

After his sister's death, the fallen Vitarius crawls towards his sister and threaten the team before he died, stating that in the future, there will be one who shares his qualities to disrupt Japan, revealing that a relative of his may avenge him and his sister.

Fe'Lora(Fel Ora) Melion
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Other names: Mistress Lora, Lora
Race: Japanese/French
Age/DoB: 44, death at that age; 2150
Affiliation: White Dragon
Main Enemy: The Law
Info: In the prologue, she forces White Dragon to cut the power in the warehouse, leaving SWAT in the dark. She confronts Kyo and co. only to be easily defeated, the second confrontation is exhaust herself in battle, alongside her brother, only to be killed. The battered Vitarius was shocked by his sister's death and puzzled to out the bullets penetrated her, he thinks this was the SWAT doing, but it was White Dragon member's bad aim.

She is the first to collapse after the fight, due to using up her powers. She was about to be detained by SWAT, but is killed by random gunfire whizzing by, shockingly she was a Half-Dragni, unknown as to why the bullets killed her.


New Japan(West JPN)
Village of Kibou (Chilled Blossom region)
Village of (Joelan) Kitamaro, Port City

Old Japan (East JPN)
New Tokyo City
Kakureta, the shorelines of Kesagi
New Kyushu City
New Kyushu City - Fukuoka

New Kyushu City - Blacklight
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A former fishermen warehouse turned into a club hang out. This area is not just a club, but a home to NaDi.

Dungeons / [REDO] Mini Dungeon, Destruction of Koriki Village
« on: February 11, 2013, 07:27:15 pm »
Forest Maze, Fado's Meadow
This mini boss is OPTIONAL! So if the player ignores the random ghost in the forest, they will never get the chance to confront it again.
Well the idea now is to match something like the Deku Race off of Majora's Mask.

Gaining access to the dream/mini dungeon
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Before getting to the Temple, there will be a ghost hanging around the forest, following it will elad you to a hidden location, where you will fall off into a small meadow, which has a short maze as well, ignoring the ghost, he will disappear once you enter the dungeon.

Rude Dekus
Deku Babas
Mini Skulltula
Fado the Koriki Ghost Light/Dark-Boss

Story line of the Dungeon(fixed the typos; grammer errors)
Story line of the Dungeon
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Before Link ventures to the Forest Temple, he must go through a maze, in the maze there is a gloomy figure that is hanging out by the trees, midway through the maze. If Link confronts him, starts to laugh at Link and the screen turns black and the ghost disappears. This will open up another path way in the maze, only if you interact with the ghost, going into this path will make Link fall down a hilltop area, kind of like in MM when you chase Skull Kid into the Clock Town. Link then begins to follow the ghost into the hidden maze and is confronted by other forest monsters as well. Getting to the end of the maze, the ghost will halt and stare at Link while sitting on a hidden green chest, he tells Link about the Koriki's and before he could finish, he started to attack Link and a battle ensues. While fighting, the ghost tells Link that he must attack his shadow form in order to rid of it. The more times you hit the shadow form of the ghost, the greater chance you have on saving the ghost, if you hit the light form of the ghost, you will alter the after battle sequence.

If you defeated the shadow form: The ghost will tell Link that this form was haunting him his whole life, even after what Ganondorf did to his village. He tells Link that his split peronallity is what manifested from the darkness that Ganondorf has palce on the Koriki soil. The ghost also stated that he was seeking someone  willing to take his last belonging item before he passes on, and tells Link that the key to the chest is located in his hut within the ruined village.

Light Form defeated: The shadow form will explain to Link about ridding him of his good self and started to push Link around a bit, still weaken, it gives Link a riddle on where to find his key for the chest.

Also if you defeat the light form, Koriki ghost are less hostile, while defeating the Light form, they will attack often, regardless of having the Koriki Sword or not.

After Fado's defeat,  there will be vines helping the player get back up into the main forest maze, the vine prevents the player from falling off the slope leading to this hidden meadow.

Show content
When he was alive, the Koriki named Fado had a multiple personality. Where if he was good he helps everyone, however, if bad, he tend to prank and play rude tricks on others.

He is not as hostile as the others, however, his pushes deal really low amount of damage.

The ghost is named Fado, this is revealed by other Koriki ghost in the area, also it is mention he had a sister who too was a Koriki.

The item in Fado's Chest various on how you defeat him, same as with the key location.

Friendly & Neutral / [Revise] Leon The Thief & Ella Rosaria Messi
« on: February 11, 2013, 06:56:50 pm »
Will change it up a bit, a little revising later, but here is a bit information about the two siblings.
Will deal with spelling errors later, this was just a quick post about NPC idea for these two characters.

(Leon) Messi the Thief
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: Hylian/Human, tanned skin tone, dark skin
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Father (Unknown); Mother (Unknown); Sister (Ella Rosaria Messi(Rosie), age 12)

Show content
Worn Short Sword
Sun bathed Dagger
bow & arrows

Show content
*(Spd)His speed and agility, trained himself to be quicker in order to best his opponents in battle, mainly Link.
*(Blocking and Counter)Can counter numerous attacks, however, if attacking or back is turned, he cannot counter.
*(Jumping)Ability to jump a bit higher then Link, if Link can jump.
*(Stealing) able to steal Link's bombs and or arrows and use it against him, taking rupees he will scatter around the map, making Link shatter them with upon hitting the gray rupees with a sword/projectile instead of taking them back, you have to walk into the rupees to get them back into your wallet. Scattered rupees will be gray. (So basically, he laced the rupees to break causing minor damage, slowing you down for a fraction for a second and causing you to miss your strikes while trying to damage him. In order words, he blinds you with messed up rupees blowing up in your face.)

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eyes: Hazel

Show content
Other High Ranking Thieves
Dark Forces=Enemy

Leon Messi Story:
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Leon was kind of a friend of Link, but never talks with him, he is often shy of people, always can’t think of anything to say to people. As he grew older, he had to steal food and clothing to support his sister. Leon was later trained by other thieves and became very agile and stealthy with his abilities to fight and steal. Leon is cunning and very clever; however, he tends to be a bit haughty of himself. His jealously and or creating his rivalry for Link was when his sister took a liking of Link, and seeing that Link himself is a thief, he attempts to challenge his newly chosen rival in combat in random situations. When with his sister, and or alone, he tends to think of his parents a lot, he became an orphan at 3, it is unknown to what has happen to his parents. Leon Messi soon befriends Link after countless losses and admits defeat and runs off to do a quest of seeing what happened to his parents instead of messing around with Link.

Came from the same village as Link, however, he considers Link his rival. Every random encounter with Link, he challenges him to a duel.

Messi’s Challenge:
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How Link and Maple confronts each other in the GBA Zelda games, Messi will randomly show up either from where Link just entered through and or already in the location. He will give Link the option of dueling him. If yes then the battle starts, if no, he will taunt Link and run off, same thing if you lose. Winning multiple times against Messi will reduce the encounters with him, leaving up to side-quest(s) where Messi goes on a journey to discover what really happen to his parents, seeing he is a mixed race (human and Hylian).
After doing all quests, he will challenge Link to a friendly duel and or aid him if there are monsters in the area, thus giving Link random ammunition for arrows, bombs, and or rupees.

At rare occasions after doing all Messi side-quests, he can be found in your village at home, kicking a ball around in his house, the player can hit the ball around as well.

*Leon is based off of Leonel Messi, due to liking a sport of kicking a ball around to build up speed and endurance.
*Leon’s sister, Ella R Messi, is also based on Leonel Messi’s place of birth, Santa Fe Rosario Argentina
*The sword Leon has is green, while his dagger is yellow, but the straps/wrappings on them is blue, referring to Brazil Flag.

Ella Rosaria Messi (Rosie)
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Race: Hylian/Human, tanned skin tone
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Father (Unknown); Mother (Unknown); Brother (Leon Messi (Rosie), age 17)

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel

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The younger sister of Leon. Leon treats her like a daughter and often sings to her. Due to her having some sort of attraction to Link, prompts Leon’s rivalry with Link. She currently resides in Link and Leon’s village.

***This was a random idea to back up the La'Taro enemy I posted before. I do not know if MG or the others have plans for stuff to do after the events of KoT, but I just wanted to throw this idea out here before I forget it lol.
I know it is a bit early to say this but what I thought of is like an extra adventure after, if the player wishes to do ti or not.
But like always, a suggest if you guys are interested.
But if anything we can do something like this. Also if it is a yes, I'll try to get some art up.***

Viridias Village and cave/Woodland
The area is like a forest, however, it is underground. The La'Taro blocked off the inner parts of  the cave in order to prevent access to their land.
The only  is a cave in the Lost Woods that is currently the only entrance/exit to this village.
There is one entrance that is located in The Lost Woods within a dark cave. The player will see that there will be boulders that block the path and gaps along the way. If the player beats the game and come back here, they will begin to chase a hooded figure here, for he will easily destroy the unbreakable boulders and run away, giving the player a chance to get through.

This land is mention in torn apart books in the Koriki Village. Only bits of information can be read about it.
The La'Taro at some point befriended the Koriki, seeing that they are children, but after discovering their demise, they escape into an underground forest area, and made their home there.

Characters in the area atm:

Fahim -
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The father of Halima. At some point he escapes the village and drops his daughter at an orphanage in the place that is now The Hyrule Slums. He left a few letters and some equipment for when his daughter is ready to come back, she will use the items to get threw the boulders he and his men sent up in the caves.

Hashim -
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The name of the bad guy in the story. He seeks revenge on his brother, and manges to kidnap Halima, and threatens to kill her if his brother does not come forward to face him, unarmed.He seeks to take over Viridas.

Asima -
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A La'Taro warrior that aids Link in Hashim's raid on the village. He is an archer and a close combat fighter that will come to Link's aid in various situations.

Halima -
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The hooded Girl Link meets with, while venturing in The Lost Woods cave, after KoT events. She later tells Link her real name, and why she finally decided to go and to her birth village. Link can also find a later, before this event in her diary saying "My dear, when the time is right, when you become a young woman, return to the village. For I by the time will deal with this threat that is threatening our young."

Story(Takes place literally after KoT story):
After the events of KoT, Link returns to the slums of Hyrule, only to hear about a girl known as Lisa runningaway, Link discovers where she has gone from her friends and decides to go after her. Link catches up with Lisa, the hooded girl, into the Lost Woods, and entering a cave there.
During the chase, the girl used a special type of bomb that breaks the moss boulders inside the cave.

After chasing the hooded figure, she will tell Link that they are looking for trouble and begins to fight Link. After Link easily overpowers the hooded figure. Link then removes the hood and sees that the person he fought was a teenaged girl.
He explains to Link that she has discover who she is and where she came from, in addition, she says to Link that her time of living in the Hyrule Slums are over and wanted to seek out her father.

Link offers his help, but the girl refused and smacks him in the face and says to him that he shouldn't be trying to hit/fight girls and she takes off. Link now curious of this land continues forward to see if there is any trouble that the girl gets into, he will be there to help her.

The Antagonist, Hashim - As of now, I need to develop ideas for this part, but the story here is that an evil La'Taro of the other tribe escaped his place of imprisonment and seeks out revenge on his brother, the father of the girl. The bad guy slaughtered The passive LA'Taro marksman within a fort at the end of the woodland and takes his stay there. He advises his men to make his brother miserable, by killing, kidnapping people in Viridias Village, he manages to kidnap his brothers Daughter.

The player can get a key to get inside the fort by taking down 3 of Hashim's genereals who are currently located in camps in the woodlands.

Population/Race: La'Taro
Like I mention before about the race, they are divided into tribes. So you will be able to recognize the bad ones when you see them.
Blue Cuccos and other animals can be found here.

Getting There(After KoT story): The player can only comes here after beating the game, it will include an area where the player can explore and upgrade their weapons. Also includes an extra dungeon, which will match Hero's Cave, but the difficulty will be higher.


Working up something to post here later.

image by Swingerzetta
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Enemy Units / [Submission] Killer Bees
« on: December 20, 2012, 12:05:00 am »
*Art Created and posted by Eloth of Deviantart*

Venomous bees that are located nearby woodland, tree areas who can be quite dangerous if disturbed.
During the day, they will hang out near flower patches and over puddles. At night, they remain in their hive, and if toyed with, a swarm will emerge to attack you.

The honey that can sometimes be located near the hive can be placed in a bottle, but that will cause the bees who witness you do this to be angry. Bess can also attack other enemies in the woodland area, and or fields.

Their venom is capable of slowing down, poison anyone or anything in its path.
Catching a bee and keeping it in a bottle for 3-4 minutes will make it friendly, and will aid you in a fight.
Afterwards it can go away and or be caught again. Once a bee is friendly, it will be a high-value target to other bees, and as for enemies they will occasionally attack it if annoyed (the same they do to enemy bees.)

In-Game Description:
"Their bites and stings will make any man beg for the pain to go away."

HP: 1


Seeking - When in danger, it looks to the nearest target to attack, and if that target is gone, it will automatically go for the player, if nearby. If no enemy/player is near it, it flees the area. It is best to keep away from them if the question mark appears above it, doing so, the bee will automatically flee, so a fight will not ensue.

Bee Stings - A painful sting that slows down the player slightly away 1/4 of a heart, however, if they are in a swarm, it will rapidly take 1/4 hearts from player.

Bite - Takes away 1/4 of a heart, however, if they are in a swarm, it will rapidly take 1/4 hearts from player.

Fire, Ice, Explosions (Anything to clear them away)

Special Ability:
The Swarm - The more bees that gather to fight the player/enemy, the more damaging their attacks will become.
For example one bee deals 1/4 of damage, but if there is 4-6+ bees, the damage will increase to 2/3 to 1 whole heart.

(Alpha)Queen Bee / Golden Bee / Black and Red Bees - They randomly (Rare spawn) come out of the hive during a swarm, unlike the other bees, their attacks are buffed, and Hp will be 3-4 instead of 1. There attacks can and will poison the player where your Hp is slowly drain if stung by one.

Mini Games / [Submission] KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Underground
« on: December 06, 2012, 12:16:50 am »
KoT Hero Mode / Forgotten Underground
This will be an optional place for the player to go to. But this will be one of the most diffcult and challenging place in the game. So if ytting the rewards, you must take the ultimate risk!

What it is about:
It is similar to Cave of Ordeals, however, the rotation of enemy waves vary. So not only it will be a struggle to conquer this place, but it will provide the player with a challenge and replay value.

This area can be entered anytime. There will be 3 types of powerful rewards. They can be earned by completing this place 3 times. But this rewards are optional for the player, if they really want it; so make them work for it :D
The Desert, this area can only be accessable once the player has more then 8-10 hearts.

Items inside:
Healing/Pink Fairy - Only within the starting room.
The pots, bushes and rocks will be limited.

Every enemy in KoT, the more rooms you go through, the stronger the enemies groups get.

Cursed Darknut, the among the final waves of enemies within room 20. This Darknut, gets stronger each time you get to him. After the 3 runs, his stats remain at its peek.

Like I said about the random final end enemy, they can randomly be one of these guys below.
Strong enemies will accompany them in battle, so not only it will be some what of a hardcore fight, but an
extreme challenge for the player, so those bottles better be filled and your life must be up by the time you get there.


Cursed Darknut - A mighty warrior who came back from the Ether to face anyone from the world of Light in combat.

Gnomess - A monstrous fiend who summons bats to do his bidding.

Nightmare - The nightmare, who takes the form of some of Link's most dangerous enemies, and uses their abilities in combat

Dark Link - The Darker, and more dreadful version of yourself. This time, he means business.

Ball&Chain Knight - Covered in his fine armor and wielding his ball and chain, this knight will not go down so easily.

Enraged ReDead Warrior - A warrior of olden times, who came back from the dead to ravaged anyone from the World of Light.

The Swarm - A mysterious shady being who summons multiple copies of itself to do battle, it cannot be harmed until it's puppets are destroy in combat.[

There will be a total of 20 rooms. The enemy waves will be ranked from weakest to strongest, where the last room will not only whole a lot of the strong enemies, but a boss-like version of them as well.
rooms 7,14, and the secret exit room, 21, will have great fairies that will heal you. Room 7, will contain healing fairies, however, beyond this point they can no longer be found.

How waves and rounds are determined:
Each room containing enemies will hold about 4 waves. After each wave, the round will be over, and a portal to the next room will appear.
Among the enemy waves, the types will be different. For example, the first wave in the room might be chus and octoroks, however the next time you enter, it is babas and skulltulas.

Appearance of the rooms:
The first 6 rooms are Green
The next 6 are blue, while the last 6 rooms are red.
The 3 rooms containing the fairy and the exit are yellow.

Blue Portal - Brings you to the next room.
Red Portal - Brings you back outside of the Underground.

Bonus from beating this area:
The player will acquire an enchanted element to their sword if they wish to obtain it.
First Run: Beam Sword
Second Run: +3 Dmg to Sword
Third Run: Double Defense, with a bonus spin attack move.

Energy Spin:
The player must hold their sword for a bit longer, upon release, they create a damaging whirl of energy, which can be directed towards an enemy, like the boomerang in the GBC Zelda games, but with a whirlwind type of element to it.

Similar to Cave of Ordeals, dying/losing will make you start over; go back.

Enemy Units / [Submission] The La'Taro
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:05:10 pm »
Been a while since I posted something, was busy XD

Name: The La'Taro

Trait Stealthy, Surprise Attacks

In game Description:
They are an unknown bunch who are very territorial of their land.
The Green(Tribe of De'Sol) ones do not attack, and they are friendly, while the
brownish/green(Tribe of Lamiro) ones attack to kill.

Tribe of De'Sol - Neutral, good guys kinda, they accompany Link within the village and woodland area.
Tribe of Lamiro- Bad Guys

"There use to be a nice village somewhere in the forest, until one day, a wizard attempted to brainwash the people there."

"They managed to kill the Wizard, and seal off there village from intruders."

"LA'Taro corpses can be seen within the Forest Temple, this reveals not only their presence, but in the past, they have killed people nearby the temple."

They are humanoid like, with an average height of 5.7-6.0 ft. They are covered in woodland appreal, resembling Ghille Suits. They have a worn out bandanna that covers their mouth and nose and wear a hat(Chinese straw hat look a like).

I would draw something, but they will resemble like this, minus the covered head, and replace with a hat like what I mention above. Plus a bit less covering as well, revealing parts of their under leather armor.

Ya i know, but this is what I can find atm
Show content

These people were born and raised in a dark part of the woods, and has never came into any contact with people in Hyrule.

Not added ATM, working on an idea for a forest area connected to where the fores maze/temple is.
The concept is that their village has been hidden way/sealed off within the forest area. You can only go there once you get the side-quest to get their the huge moss covered boulder.

Race: Unknown, most likely human/Hylian.

Weapon: A Bamboo Bow with weighted Arrows. A worn, partly rusted dagger with Bamboo particles.


(They will function kinda like the guards in LTTP when they pop out of a bush to shoot arrows, but with these guys, after coming up, they stay out and are mobile.)

They will not move, or attack until you are really close. Once you pass the location they are in, they will pop out of the bushes to strike you with a few arrows, and at times rush towards you to attack.

Shooting- A silent but deadly shot that takes away 4-5 hearts. The weighted arrows may be powerful, but they can be dodged easily and or deflected with your sword. If it hits you while using a shield, you will move back a bit.

Rushing- If they are close enough, they will fight you using a dagger, taking away 1/3-1 hearts on contact, hitting them with anything will push them back, giving them enough distance to ready another arrow.

They fall to the ground, and somehow vanish. They disappear as if the ground had sucked them up, however, this means they have retreated from battle.

The weighten arrows can damage nearby enemies and or another La'Taro member.
Hp - 3

Omg, the Dirus idea made me think of this lol.  XD
*This area will not only be just another location, but a mini dungeon like area.
*This area is optional for the player to venture inside, if they want to find the warrior that broke into the area. But this is only mention after beating the Shadow Temple.

Morien's Manor / Morien Mansion History
A long long time ago in Hyrule, there used to be a rich Hylian couple who created a Masion, off the roadway nearby the Sheikah Tribe village. The couple lived there with 5 of their kids and lived a happy life. One day, a Shiekah villager spotted the family and succumb with jealous for The Morien Family. So he created a type of poison to rid the Hylians from the Sheikah Land. This Shiekah was successful, however, he was soon captured and jail inside the area now known as the Shadow Temple.
As for the Morien Family, they soon died afterwards, one by one within the home.
Their corpses were retrieved and buried within the garden area within Morien's Manor.
The manor is then boarded up, and locked away as if it never existed.

Area Appearance
The area is surrounded by trees, at its center lies the home of the once living Morien Family. Around the home lies a meadow area, which contains gardens of different flowers.
Present day the area looks dark, gloomy and decayed, even the house of the Morien looks a bit torn apart due to rotting walls and vines covering the home.

Present Day

As you can see, Morien's Manor is vacant. Just like the Shiekah Village, the manor hasn't been touched by anyone, nor do monster roam the area. Morien's Manor remains locked away since the day the Morien Family's bodies were taken and buried.
The player is able to get to Morien's Manor via side-quest when someone wanting to seek any valuable items left behind by the Morien's Family. Upon arrival, the player cannot do anything for somehow the player is locked inside the manor, and must not only find a way out, but finding and returning the foolish warrior who seeks the Morien's Treasure.

Morien's Manor Areas

Morien Maison -  The boarded up and forgotten home of the Morien Family, many say it is haunted now. It contains 3 floors and multiple rooms.
Morien's Gardens - It is a meadow like area which now serves as a graveyard of the Morien Family. There, the player can find a key to enter the Masion. It also surrounds the masion, however the far left contains the gravestones of the Morien Family.
Morien Family Tomb -  The player can enter the area, however, the isn't anything to do inside. The player can see the coffins locked away in an inaccessible room, but a sign can be read saying: "The Morien's Family... A wonderful family who gave the Sheiakah tribe their love and protection, until they were murdered by a disgraced Shiekah villager. May they find rest and find peace..."

Questing(will work a bit for the quest idea) -
The foolish warrior who wanted to make a profit off of Morien Family's belongings breaks into a window to enter the Masion, only to be trapped in a cell like structure within the basement.
The first key can be found in the graveyard section in order to gain access to the Masion. While inside, the player is greeted by a Poe with no name or a face, and this poe will move to a room, where the player must go. The poe leads the player to an old bedroom, where if the player takes a nap. They will go into a nightmare like phase.

Nightmare Phase I -
In this phase, the player dreams that they are one of the Morien Children, and must do a couple of puzzles to find out where the Morien children hid the special keys for the basement. Once this small puzzle is done, the player awakens and the poe appears again, and leaves the room, only to have the player follow it to the next room.(Trying to do something similar to the quest in FF6 with Doma castle lol)

There will be 3 nightmare phases including the 4th being the day that the Morien Family slowly die away.

Once all dream phases are done, the player can now go and find where the keys are hidden to free the warrior trapped in the basement.

Boss(Will add to mini boss section):

While you unlock the warrior from the basement, the poe is then seeing coming slowly down stairs, shutting the door behind it.
It splits itself into multiple parts, and begins to fight the player, while the other warrior cringes in fear hiding under an old box.

Quest Failure -
If the player does not go after the warrior, a bit later in game, you can see the warrior as a ghost, just wandering the graveyard. He is not hostile, but when approached, he vanishes, and if the player is far away, he appears again.
The keys to enter the manor will also be unobtainable.
The only way to fail is if you do not go after him once you finish the Shadow Temple. Guards will inform you of a random warrior going to this Manor.

Final Fantasy 6 - Doma Castle
The player is able to find clues to key locations via napping in the bedrooms , which the poe enters in.

The poe doesn't not attempt to kill Link or the Warrior. It wanted to the player to see what it had suffered.
It is unknown to which Morien' member the faceless poe is, however since it enter one of the late Morien child room, it is most likly one of the kids.
The warrior entered the basement via breaking the window, however upon Link's arrival, the window seem to be fixed again, could be the work of the Poe or someone/thing else.

Just a quick idea, still needing a few details here and there, anyway what do you guys think?

Silver Chest & Gold Chests

These chests contain rare items and or upgrades to Link's current inventory. They can be found in parts of the overworld, and or locked away in small and yet secret parts of houses, with or without residents living in the house.

Opening them

The only way to open them is by finding extremely rare silver/gold keys to open a chest of your liking. The keys are given to the player via side-quest and or found in game. They are also rarely given to players by completing a Mini-Games and or auction(if it is in KoT).

Obtaining a Gold/Silver Key

When obtained, it's true useage is not explained in text, so the player needs to figure out what the key is capable of unlocking.

*Side_Quests - Completing a side quest at times, NPC rewards the player with a gold and or silver key.
*Mini Games - It will be a prize which is given and or chosen by/to the player.

*Found in small insignificant chests that are well hidden scatter in the world of KoT.

*Hidden well within the overworld and or dungeon/cave/house areas (Kinda like in the Fable Series).
The keys can be found in hard to reach areas within the overworld and or inside a dungeon. This gives the player a "come back later feel" so that the dungeons are not always a finish and forget about it kind of thing.


Like I said, they will contain items such as high amount of rupees, and or special extended upgrades to the player's current inventory. For example, if there is no upgrade for deku nuts, and will likely find one within a gold/silver chest.

Origin of this Idea

*In the Fable series on Xbox, The silver Chests can only be open by using a silver key to unlock them.
*LTTP Big chest idea by using a big key to open it. The key severs as a boss key as well.
*They are similar to Chrono Trigger's black chest(s).
*Also other RPG games that show locked chests and they can only be unlock via special key.

Graphics Requests/Archive / [Request] Tompel's Castle Wall Tiles
« on: October 13, 2012, 12:52:48 am »
I tried looking for them before, do not know if it exists on the forums or not. I've only seen them in his old screenshots for ToZ:CoG.

There in the screenshot shown here:

Cut Submissions / [Rejected] The Nejiron
« on: September 24, 2012, 04:16:32 pm »
Nejiron- Enemies of Gorons
Twisted Gorons

Mountain paths
Field Roads/Highways
(if areas exists: volcanoes, base of goron cities)

They are simialr to gorons, however, they only mimic them in order to chase/attack any passerby in their teritory.

Normal: 1 HP

They emerge from the ground to fight off and or roll into those in their terriority.

In-Game Description
They act like gorons, they move like gorons, but there not gorons.

Attack List
rolling- When they emerge from the ground, they will attempt to roll into a player, expolding on contain due to their use of gunpowder. Blowing up will make them go back into the ground to try again.

charge- When standing up right, they will try to headbutt you when close enough, at times a headbutt will cause an explosion, knocking out the monster.

Defending grounds- They emerge to defend a path, blocking the player. In order to prevent blowing themselves up, they will block off the path having their backs tunred to Link.

Upon Death- They simply fall to the ground, and slowly dig back under ground.

Fire, Bombs, Hitting a Wall when rolling(When they are moving and facing you, this will make them blow up.)

Cut Submissions / [Rejected] Duro The Knight
« on: September 24, 2012, 12:20:54 pm »
Duro Val'dol
(Duro may be human, but has some resembles to a Gerudo. His hair is dark orange/brown. He has a dark green eyes.)
Place of Birth:
Duro is a knight who detests Theives. He doesn't care who they are, or where they came from. His only mission is to rid of them all by(arresting, killing,etc.)
Long time ago, when Duro was the age of 7, he lived in The Hyrule Castle Town, however, when his parents began to lose money they had to move out. Duro and his parents moved into a local village far from the castle town. When Duro turned 8, his life has changed. When Duro and his parents were taking an evening walk at the village, a man approached them. The man demanded money and their valuables. Duro's father tried to talk with the man, however, after this thief took their belongings, he began to stab Duro's father, then his mother. Duro watched in horror has the thief killed his parents. When the thief approached Duro, the guards finally decided to show up and chase the thief. As for Duro, he watches over his parents corpses, already mourning, but he also develop a sense of rage inside of him.

Duro was now an orphan. He tried to survive with the other orphans, however, he knew that his life cannot be like this forever. When Duro became the age of 14, he decided that he wanted to leave this homeless life and try to avenge his parents. Duro suddenly ran off, never too be seen again.

Many years have past, Duro reappears. Now Age 37. He is Stronger, Bigger and faster. Due to his strength and courage, he was assign as a Knight for Hyrule. Duro knew that with this new title, he can not only avenge his parents, but make a personal vendetta to rid the world of thieves. Duro, at the time, did have a bit of insanity in him, even going as far as killing a thief, and lying about some of the crimes they have committed.

When the higher knight knew of what Duro was doing, they disband him from Hyrule. Duro had to leave, but he took a few men with him. Duro went mad with catching and killing thieves, that he has made small camps throughout the land in order to stop them. When Duro and Link meet, Link defeats Duro, only to be taunted by him, saying that he will hunt Link down for the rest of his Life.  Duro and Link will clash with each other numerous times, as a result, Duro not only went mad some more, but made it his goal to ruin Link's Life, doing whatever he can to stop him.

Link actucally feels sorry for the man, and tries to have a truce. But Duro didn't care and trys to attack him, this can be because the numerous times Link has defeated him, thinking that he wasn't going to let a kid beat him like that.

Duro can be like a rival for Link(Similar to Link from TP and the Bulbin Lord's rivalry)*When Link encounters Duro for the Last time, he will not only die due to the wounds he sustain from monsters, but confess his sins, his madness will finally be gone*

Duro is spainish, but in english it means Tough.

Duro's story resembles Bruce Wayne from Batman, Javert from Les Merserables, and Maiev endless rivalry to Illidan in WoW.

Duro will bare a resembles to a Darknut(His armor color will be blue, outline yellow)

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