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As the title mentions. I'm looking for the sprites used when link picks up an item while he's facing south (in Alttp).

I've added the sprite sheet (from spriter resources) that I'm working with. As you can see it's somewhat useless to try and fix the specific sprites. And I haven't found these specific sprites on the other sites I use, thus the request.

Anybody willing to help out?

Audio / Looking for a soundeffect for my Lttp Engine
« on: May 09, 2009, 07:54:31 am »
In the attachment is the sound of link standing on a pressure plate. I'm looking for a sound you'd hear when you step of the pressure plate (if it needs continues pressure).

I do not believe it was in Alttp and even if it is, I can't find it. Nor was I able to find another sound to be used in it's stead.

Anyone on here have a solution? Maybe a custom sound based on the attachment?

LTTP & FSA / [Solved] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 07:28:23 am »
Hello again. This weekend I have another particular request for you all. I make it a point to only request that which I haven't been able to find on my own, so it's only the one this time.

1) Floor indications.
Check the post below for an example. You'll see the one screenshot that I was able to find that has it (in the top right corner). I'm looking for the letter F and the numbers 2 through 6 to go with this.

LTTP & FSA / [Solved] Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 13, 2009, 09:17:52 am »
The request have been updated. If you can help please do, because I can really use the help I can get in the spriting department. Most sprites are easy enough to find, it's the specific once that are really scarce.

1) The effect of Link running through shallow water (Custom).
When running normally you see small dust clouds behind link to enforce the idea of running. I'm looking for the equivalent of that while he's in the water. I've looked everywhere and couldn't even find a usefull screenshot.

I could also use a custom equivalent of that while running in the grass, but that isn't as much of a priority as the other requests I'm making.

2) Full sword swing animations.
From facing left/right in the startposition and from facing up.

3) Dungeon carpet (custom sprite needed).
Down below is an example room to give you an instant idea of how and where I want to use it. In the middle of the room there are different colored tiles around the large chest. This is the quick fix I'm using right now but it looks absolutely awful in other rooms, so that isn't going to work.

I'm working with blocks in multiples of 8x8. The example shows a rectangular "carpet". I also want to use other shapes, so I'll need inside and outside bends.

Hopefully a helpful screenshot:

Recruitment / [Reqruiting] Looking for tester(s)
« on: April 11, 2009, 11:17:47 am »
As the title mentions, I'm looking for one or more testers. Depending on your preference it could just be for this one demo or as a more periodic thing. Your choice. I'm looking for constructive feedback on gameplay, glitches, performance and level design.

Below are links to the project (with screenshots etc.) and the download. Be advised though that the demo is not yet finished, which is also why I'm reluctant about posting the download link in the WIP topic.

The current file holds 6 inside rooms. This is not the extent of what I've done, but further rooms are not yet (fully) completed. You know, masking walls adding doors/ stairs etc. In the comming weeks I'll expand on the number of rooms and features so people wanting to test more than just the demo below should make a mentioning in a reply or through a PB/Email.

Some final mentioning.
-The black sqaure immediately inside serves as a test for falling down to another area.
-The character's full sword swing animation will be adjusted in the futher regardless.

WIP topic:

Download (8,48 mb):

LTTP & FSA / [SOLVED] In need of specific Alttp sprites
« on: March 27, 2009, 07:44:28 pm »
And with that all the sprites I've requested have been posted. Talk about quick.

Other Projects / Horn of Balance
« on: March 21, 2009, 12:14:36 pm »

Oh no! Your sweet and caring grandmama has been kidnapped by the villain "Heimgartner"!
It falls upon your shoulders, as the young and excitable golem "Linden", to bravely explore a labyrinthian tomb in exchange for her safety!

How can a golem have a grandmother?
Who is this villain doing such a terrible thing?
Why is there a quirky floating skull following you around everywhere?

All will be explained in the full game, coming in the future. This is a pre-Kickstarter demo that contains one of the early-game dungeons, in order to give a taste of what it's all about: vast non-linear level design in a classic Zelda-like style. Play this if you're looking for a sense of discovery, love the classic 2D Zelda games, or want a game that's not afraid to also challenge your spacial awareness a little.

Download (on Itch.io): https://hornofbalance.itch.io/horn-of-balance-pre-ks-demo

  • One full non-linear dungeon, good for roughly 1+ hour of gameplay
  • Several secret chests for added challenge and special items
  • A solid gameplay engine that feels just like the games of old
  • Modern conveniences like auto-saving, controller support and button remapping
  • A lot of love and passion put into the hero animations


[How to play]
Just unzip the game somewhere to start playing.
You can review the controls and settings from the starting menu, or by pressing ESC to bring up the in-game options.

[Content creators]
The following link provides several title pages for your convenience.
There is also a whole set of free to use emotes in case you feel like adding some extra streaming flavour.
Press kit (via Google drive)

Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hornofbalance/horn-of-balance
Free demo (on Itch) - https://hornofbalance.itch.io/horn-of-balance-pre-ks-demo
Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I3jhNeF2VU

Discord - https://discord.gg/redHXyZ2Gc
Mastodon - https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@HornofBalance
Twitter/X - https://twitter.com/HornofBalance

  The old fangaming days 

Given the site we are on I've decided to leave up the last Zelda fangame demo I made.

Demo version: 0.25.11
File Size: 25,61 MB (Zipped)
Download (Mediafire): https://www.mediafire.com/file/reoml9ix5lwxd4d/Zelda+0+25+11.zip/file

Creator notes:
- This demo included 2 overworlds, 5 dungeons (+intro cave) and many more smaller locations.
- Shortcuts exist to access late game additions without playing through the whole game again. Calling a new file "boss1", "boss2" or "cape" will start you out at (or with) that specific content.
- While still far from complete, you CAN reach all the way until the credits screen.

Default controls*:
D - Action button (open doors / read text / grab / etc) + Confirm button (while in menus)
G - Attack button (hold and release for a full swing attack) + Cancel button (while in menus)
S - Perform run action (if you have the boots available)
R - Use item A
F - Use item B
Space - Brings up item menu
Enter - Brings up map menu
Escape - Pauses the game (can be used to exit the game)

* The controls can be personalized in the options menu at the start of the game.
* Native gamepad controls can be enabled in the options menu as well.

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