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Other Projects / Re: The Guardian Chapter 1
« on: May 02, 2009, 11:14:22 pm »
What walking mechanic can be influenced/distorted by machine performance? Seriously, I'd be very interested in knowing what kind of logic could be behind something like that.

I used a 3 month old laptop btw so I'm afraid your assumption is incorrect. It's probably just an area you missed or something. It was found randomly in a hard to reach location so don't worry. The game's good.

LTTP & FSA / Re: [Request] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 11:23:18 am »
Excellent. Looks good.

7 floors?! Hhmm I'm actually making a downgrade in my own game XD

LTTP & FSA / Re: [Request] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 10:08:22 am »
Okay, thanks. There kinda hard to find though.
I'm not really sure how many floors the original used so it might be that nr 5 and 6 don't exist (yet).

LTTP & FSA / [Solved] More Alttp requests
« on: May 02, 2009, 07:28:23 am »
Hello again. This weekend I have another particular request for you all. I make it a point to only request that which I haven't been able to find on my own, so it's only the one this time.

1) Floor indications.
Check the post below for an example. You'll see the one screenshot that I was able to find that has it (in the top right corner). I'm looking for the letter F and the numbers 2 through 6 to go with this.

Other Projects / Re: The Guardian Chapter 1
« on: May 02, 2009, 06:00:02 am »
Nice game, good music and clear controls.

The only thing I can comment on is the collisions. Walking around a tree outside shows it could still be improved. And the actions you can perform don't seem to be dependent on your facing. The bed inside for instance can be entered while standing a bit below it looking in the opposite direction. Other than that there's the difference in size inside/outside a house and you could maybe accentuate the presence of doors in houses more (=room between blacksmiths left and right room). But that may be nitpicking.

I couldn't really find anything else that needs improvement. I really like the transitions between area's and the ability to return home (to skip time), although it also takes time to go get back to where I was. Kinda defeating the purpose. The ability to rest outside might be more friendly, but that's just a suggestion. Having to sleep on the rug shows you really put effort into it.

Got stuck in a walls below some trees south of the guy in the forest. Too bad. That's as far as I'll play.

Coding / Re: FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
« on: May 01, 2009, 04:52:09 pm »
That save file bit is pretty useful. When I get around to adding a save function I'll definitely use it as a starting point.

Might as well make a usefull post while I'm at it. Here's a bit of code for advanced advanced movement. This will give you pixel perfect movement and it will also move you along sloped walls. I did leave out a lot of code to keep it somewhat simple. Just contact me if I left out too much. This code should be used at every step, with your speed being reset, and your speed and direction variables being calculated, beforehand.


// With (obj_Character_Control_Tile)

Test_Variable = 0;
Distance_Counter = 0;
New_X_Position = x;
New_Y_Position = y;
Total_X_Distance = 0;
Total_Y_Distance = 0;
Partial_Distance = 0;

// MOVEMENT routine
if (Walking_Direction mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};

if (Walking_Speed <> 0)
    repeat (ceil(Walking_Speed))
        if (Test_Variable = 0 and Distance_Counter < Walking_Speed)
            // Check collision straight ahead
            Distance_Counter += Partial_Distance;
            if (Walking_Direction mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
            if (Distance_Counter = ceil(Walking_Speed)){Partial_Distance = Walking_Speed-Distance_Counter+1};
            script_execute(30,Walking_Direction, Partial_Distance);

            if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;

                // Check collision first angle
                if (((Walking_Direction+45)mod 360) mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
                script_execute(30, (Walking_Direction + 45)mod 360, Partial_Distance);

                if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                    New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                    New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                    Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                    Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                    // Check collision with second angle
                    if (((Walking_Direction-45)mod 360) mod 90 = 0) {Partial_Distance=1} else {Partial_Distance=sqrt(2)};
                    script_execute(30, (Walking_Direction - 45)mod 360, Partial_Distance);

                    if (place_meeting(round(New_X_Position+Final_xspeed),round(New_Y_Position+Final_yspeed),obj_Solid)=false)
                        New_X_Position += Final_xspeed;
                        New_Y_Position += Final_yspeed;
                        Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                        Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                        // STOP MOVEMENT
                        Final_xspeed = round(New_X_Position)-New_X_Position;
                        Final_yspeed = round(New_Y_Position)-New_Y_Position;
                        Total_X_Distance += Final_xspeed;
                        Total_Y_Distance += Final_yspeed;
                        Test_Variable = 1;

// Create actual movement
parent_Character.hspeed = Total_X_Distance;
parent_Character.vspeed = Total_Y_Distance;

// Script 30
// Input:
// argument[0] = Walking_Direction
// argument[1] = Partial_Distance

if (Sprite_Index_Counter = 0) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 360) {Final_xspeed = argument[1]; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 270) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = argument[1]}
else {if (argument[0] = 180) {Final_xspeed = -1*argument[1]; Final_yspeed = 0}
else {if (argument[0] = 90) {Final_xspeed = 0; Final_yspeed = -1*argument[1]}
else {if (argument[0] < 90)

else {if (argument[0] < 180)

else {if (argument[0] < 270)

else {Final_xspeed=argument[1]*cos(degtorad(argument[0]-270));


Zelda Projects / Re: [WIP] LOZ 3D
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:32:52 pm »
Not sure how to animate Bow-Wow's chain-limited movement properly.. Suggestions would
be great :-)

Just a little comment that might or might not help.

I'm not familiar with 3d techniques, but it shouldn't be too hard to solve it. In 2d I would just make a Bow-Wow with a limited movement area and a routine to create the chain in between the Bow-Wow and the origin coordinates. The movement limitation should be doable through a stepwise routine that checks if it's about to leave it's area.

The chain could be done by creating an x number of chain pieces. Calculate the line between Bow Wow and it's origin and spread the pieces equally along the line. You'll get open spaces if you do this when the Bow Wow is far away, but then again that might be not be that bad. Gives you a exaggerated sense of the distance and it limits the number of objects used. To negate this just make the number of pieces linearly dependant on the distance.


Update: I was thinking. You could go one or two steps further.
To create the effect of the chain hanging towards the ground you could use a hyperbolic formule. Consider the line between Bow Wow and origin as the x-axis. Now use the formule y = x ^ (-i), where y is the height on top of the line's height, where x is the distance along the line with x=0 at the middle and where i is a positive variable based on the distance between Bow Wow and its origin. When the chain is fully stretched i should be 0 resulting in a straight line.
With this you can calculate the height for each chainlink. Just use the formule at certain intervals to calculate. The angle of each link could be calculated by the use of the Pythagoras formule.

If you want you could go even farther. You now have calculations based on a straight line between your Bow Wow and it's origin, but that's only for calculating. If want the chain to lie on the ground in a (somewhat) realistic method only use the above method to calculate height and angle for your chain links using the full chain's length as x and the actual distance to Bow Wow as a bases for i. The x and y location on the ground (per chain link) could then be separately determined based on Bow Wow's previous positions and movement. Or, if you want to make it really complex use the origins movemens as well.

It can be made as realistically as you want it to be. All it takes is logic .... plus LOTS of trail and error and efficiency tradeoffs. XD

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 20, 2009, 06:45:42 pm »
Okay. Thanks for checking.

I tried to recreate them myself, with sprites from various other actions, but that leaves some positions unaccounted for. Like Link looking up and holding his sword behind him for instance. If someone else has the full swing animations be sure to let me know. I´d really appreciate it.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 07:03:40 pm »
The 360. I already have the one where link start facing downwards so I'm only looking for the one where he starts facing left or right and where he starts facing upwards.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 06:09:53 pm »
Come to think of it. Does anybody have the full sword swing animations (starting facing left/right and starting facing up). I've working on them for close to two hours now (yeah, animation and spriting just aren't my strong points). I've somebody already has them and is willing to share, it would same me a LOT of time.

I've already implemented the sprites you guys provided. They work brilliantly.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 04:12:25 pm »
Ok, I just looked at a .avi of Link running through shallow water, the dust cloud is the same for when he's in water, as it would be for when he runs on ground. Are you looking for something custom?

Seriously? I guess I remembered incorrectly then.
If you could make something custom, that would be great. Dust flying up from walking through water just doesn't sound right.

Jeod: thanks!

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:46:11 pm »
The light blue directly next to dark green walls (at other locations) won't work very well. I'm also already those it for alters. I'm looking for a carpet that I can use in the same room as an alter (= your suggestion).

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:36:10 pm »
I think I have most of those lying around some where. For the custom carpet thing, why don't you use the carpet they usually have around the chest? You don't care for it?

Your talking about a carpet from another dungeon?
I tried one, but the colors didn't go together very well. Not that I have a lot of color sense. If all else fails I could take another look a it. Right now I'm hoping there is someone on the forum who does have some originality/color sense.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:22:55 pm »
Wait. That IS the one I was looking for. My bad. Thanks again.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:17:24 pm »
It's not what I was looking for, but it is something I can use later on. Thank you.

LTTP & FSA / Re: Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 19, 2009, 10:45:18 am »
I've updated the requests. After using various screenshots I was able to piece some of my earlier requests together. Only the stuff I can't find is now left.

Well, that didn't work. Fine. Ive posted my progress as demo 0.8 in the startingpost.

Please be so kind as to leave a comment after playing. I'd appreciate user input. Also be sure to mention any and all glitches, should you come across any. Thanks in advance.

It may not show for everybody, but A LOT has been improved. The entire dungeon has been redone to smooth out room-to-room transitions. Right now about 25% of dungeon is finished. Obviously (most) of the transitions have also been redone. I'm still working on some transitions in between floors like the dwindelstairs, of which you'll see the result in the next demo. Finally I made it so that everything present in the game has a depth_scale in order to create the illusion of multiple depths (like in the original). These three things have been a lot of work and if you can't see that....thank you. I'll take it as a compliment that everything looks just right. XD

Other things I've added in this demo:
-Made some changes to movement on the stairs
-Perfected the interaction of your sword/shield vs flying tiles etc.
-Added bubbles/balls/cannonballs/something??
-Added rupees, hearts etc to collect from containers (=pots)
-You can now jump from ledges.

Oh, and before I forget. No flying tiles (can be accessed) in this demo. Sorry, but I'm still working on the rooms you need to get to them. I'll make sure you can play with them again next time.


There are plenty of downloads, but no replies. Too bad. I could really use some player feedback.

Anyway. This weekend I redid the 360 sword swing, worked some more on movement through grass/water and added the ability to poke walls with your sword (see screenshot).

Also I've been trying to improve the dungeon. Check out the screenshot below. How does new situation (lower half) stand against the old situation (upper half)?

LTTP & FSA / [Solved] Looking for some more Alttp (style) sprites
« on: April 13, 2009, 09:17:52 am »
The request have been updated. If you can help please do, because I can really use the help I can get in the spriting department. Most sprites are easy enough to find, it's the specific once that are really scarce.

1) The effect of Link running through shallow water (Custom).
When running normally you see small dust clouds behind link to enforce the idea of running. I'm looking for the equivalent of that while he's in the water. I've looked everywhere and couldn't even find a usefull screenshot.

I could also use a custom equivalent of that while running in the grass, but that isn't as much of a priority as the other requests I'm making.

2) Full sword swing animations.
From facing left/right in the startposition and from facing up.

3) Dungeon carpet (custom sprite needed).
Down below is an example room to give you an instant idea of how and where I want to use it. In the middle of the room there are different colored tiles around the large chest. This is the quick fix I'm using right now but it looks absolutely awful in other rooms, so that isn't going to work.

I'm working with blocks in multiples of 8x8. The example shows a rectangular "carpet". I also want to use other shapes, so I'll need inside and outside bends.

Hopefully a helpful screenshot:

Recruitment / [Reqruiting] Looking for tester(s)
« on: April 11, 2009, 11:17:47 am »
As the title mentions, I'm looking for one or more testers. Depending on your preference it could just be for this one demo or as a more periodic thing. Your choice. I'm looking for constructive feedback on gameplay, glitches, performance and level design.

Below are links to the project (with screenshots etc.) and the download. Be advised though that the demo is not yet finished, which is also why I'm reluctant about posting the download link in the WIP topic.

The current file holds 6 inside rooms. This is not the extent of what I've done, but further rooms are not yet (fully) completed. You know, masking walls adding doors/ stairs etc. In the comming weeks I'll expand on the number of rooms and features so people wanting to test more than just the demo below should make a mentioning in a reply or through a PB/Email.

Some final mentioning.
-The black sqaure immediately inside serves as a test for falling down to another area.
-The character's full sword swing animation will be adjusted in the futher regardless.

WIP topic:

Download (8,48 mb):

I'm looking for one or two testers who can give me some good constructive feedback. I'm interested in comments on glitches (if you can find any), dungeon design and framerate performance. Anybody willing?

Currently I've got a demo with four rooms (that you can access). You can check the first post for an added list of things I've done since the last demo. Obviously these include the thing I am looking to get tested. PB me or post a reply and I'll send you a link and more info.

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