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Deku Swamp
Gerudo Desert
Goron Mountain
Hyrule Castle Town
Hyrule Field
Kokiri Forest
Lake Hylia
River Valley
Valley of Death
Zora’s Domain

In addition, a world map of Hyrule is needed.

Any idea how each area is placed toward one and another? Thus what area borders another area?

Currently, we have a dungeon order, which for the most part should assist with that:

--- Quote ---5.2 Dungeon Order

Hyrule Castle Town/Field
    Deku Swamp
    Kokiri Forest (Forest Temple)
    Zora’s Domain
    River Passage
    Lake Hylia (Lake Hylia Temple)

Goron Mountain
    Carbon Mines (Earth Temple)

Valley of Death
    Gerudo Desert (Some Sheikah Themed Dungeon)
    Hyrule Castle (Temple of Time/Celestial Clock)
--- End quote ---

We do know that the Valley of Death surrounds the Goron Mountain and is connected to the desert.  The Deku Swamp also leads to the Kokiri forest, and Zora's Domain is connected to Lake Hylia via the River passage, which reaches quite far around Hyrule as it's a trade route.  However, the main point of interest for the main quest for that river is from Zora's Domain to Lake Hylia.  If you notice, Hyrule Field is also on the needs list.

Maybe we should add a world map to the list?



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