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Secret Seashells - Seriously, we still have no idea what these are for.  Any ideas?

Figurines again? I actually liked that you practically had a mini database of enemy/NPC information in MC. Also, since we're giving ages and other details for NPC's, I don't see why that couldn't be used to fill an encyclopedia type book. Or figurines.

Show content(Finally read up on pretty much everything about this project)

--- Quote from: design doc ---Secret Seashells

Found quite rarely, and sometimes as puzzle rewards. They are saved up for no apparent purpose until you find that they can be traded to upgrade some equipment in a secret out of the way seashell mansion type place.
--- End quote ---

So, is this not set in stone?

I was thinking that it would be interesting to have a cave with a seashell symbol above it's entrance (i.e. this cave is instead of a mansion). I'm not sure where this cave would be located, but it would make sense if it were in a somewhat secluded and out-of-the-way place to give it a little bit of a mysterious feeling.


Detailed idea (attached a mini map for help with visualizing):

Upon entering the cave, you find yourself in a small cavern with a body of water on your left and right, extending the entire length of the room from top to bottom, creating a pathway up to a shut door located at the top of the room. All of the water is darkened by a mysterious blackness (i.e. turned purple, since that is usually used for "evil" effects in MC graphics; it'd look much like the poisoned swamp in MM). There is also a seashell symbol etched in a stone tile that is located in the center of the room near the door at the top of the screen. Now, just like in LA, collecting enough seashells overcomes some kind of darkness that a spirit wants gone. In order to eliminate the darkness you have to have enough seashells and simply stand on the seashell symbol.

If you stand on the symbol and have enough seashells (not sure how many you plan on having), the dark water will clear up, the door at the top of the room will open, then you will see a disturbance in the water (i.e. just a water ripple animation) and a gift/item will fly out from the disturbance in the water and it will land in the center of the room. Then a voice will say, "Please help me.." or something along those lines.

If you enter the newly opened door, there will be a sort of mermaid shrine/santuary. There will be a large pond of water covering the entire top half of the room. At the very top of the room, there are 3 statues lined up against the top wall. There is one in the center, which is the top half of a mermaid and the other two are on the left and right sides of the middle statue and those two statues are tails with fins. These statues are there for looks and they also give a hint to the player that this cave has something do do with mermaids.

There is also another one of those seashell symbols in the center of the floor in this room and the water will be dark in here as the other water was before in the previous room. If you have all - or possibly just most - of the seashells while standing on the seashell symbol in this room, the water will clear up and a mermaid spirit will appear in the water. The mermaid will thank you for cleansing the curse and she will give you... something awesome, not sure what would be appropriate.

Additional thought:
If this idea could use some spicin' up, it could alternatively have a mini boss included. If going this route, once you collected all or most of the seashells and stood on the symbol in the shrine/sanctuary room, the screen would shake or something and a mini boss could appear out of the water, then once you defeat the mini boss the mermaid appears, thanks you and gives you something great.


Anyway, I just though this up because of the seashell theme. Obviously there are 2 items you would get out of this, the first being from the first room, which would be a nice item, but nothing super good, and the second is the end item, so it would be really good.

Possible item rewards from this quest:

I have no idea what the first item would be.. a heart piece? lol. Perhaps, for the end item/ability though, the mermaid could give you the ability to stay under water indefinitely? Or maybe, an upgrade to the flippers, like a mermaid fin that gives you epic merman skills with increased swimming speed and movement in water? Perhaps a large two-handed sword called the "silver fin" that would be the equivalent of the biggoron sword? .. that's all I've got.

Gah! Sorry MG! I read the rules and I understand how and where to submit and all. I just accidentally thought this was a thread dedicated to the seashells (I wasn't paying attention.. :/ ) since there were no other sidequests listed atm. Well, at least I condensed my crap into a spoiler.

Going this route, I'd almost say use the shells as a way to upgrade how many bombs/arrows/rupees you can carry.

how about a dungeon? at X Y or Z seashells collected you open the other like if it was a key, you will find enemies puzzles and chest with any upgrade bows arrows etc, the dungeon can be beatable once you obtain all the seashells ( they will also be keys it's not like the only keys are having n-number ofseashells)


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