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[Submission]Rock Wasp Extermination


Lcation of Person: Goron Cabon Mines
Items required: Fire Arrows or Bombcannon
Description: Theres an Elder Goron, He is sitting on a bench with a puzzled look on his face, when you approach him, if you don't have the bombcannon or Fire arrows, he'll ignore you. Once you have either item, he'll speak with you and ask you to destroy the annoying rock wasp hive thats been bothering everyone in the region. He states that these rock wasps are smarter than normal ones, and states they must be exterminated. He then complains about not being young enough to do it himself. You will have to go to a mini-dungeon that is a large rock wasp hive and desroy all of the Stange rocks from which they spawn, and desroy the remaining rock wasps after that so the Strange Sawning rocks won't be repaired.
Reward: A Heart Piece and a means of quick transportation from the ground level of the Goron mountain, to the basement floor of the Carbon Mines in a few places.


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