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Sorry, we were just trying to show what we had and how did we think it. What we need the most are the puzzles for the 24 mini-little-tiny-dungeons.


--- Quote from: Star見捨てられた on July 29, 2012, 12:12:50 pm ---
--- Quote from: Niek on July 29, 2012, 08:44:49 am ---Blaze as I said with my answer to your PM earlier. The game is a community effort. Thus posting your current work is fine. Other members of the community can make suggestions which you can then adapt into the final design. It is a community project and community input is encouraged. There is no need for secretcy and make a spectacular contribution.

I have to agree with Kienamaru. Fighting previous bosses in the final dungeon is not much fun, especially because the accepted friendly NPC Seare also offers a boss rush mini-game afterwards. However making some singular tough enemies to fight like bosses is a good idea. You could perhaps make some additional boss characters or miniboss characters special o this dungeon. For example the these characters can refer to the main races in the game, for example: Sykes (for the Hylians), a giant mad scrub (for the deku), twinrova (for the gerudo's).

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I agree with Niek. Shadow, Blaze, you two don't seem to be accepting any input given to you in this thread. Kienamaru said something with quite an amount of depth and you disregarded what he said completely. Please consider everyone's opinion.

I happen to agree with Kienamaru and Niek: fighting previous bosses is a huge pain and I never liked doing it in videogames.

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I've changed my response to a quick expaination of what we have so far, I don't mind change.
I appologise for if it seemed like I didn't like the input or if it seemed like I didn't want the design to change.


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