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Name: Nigel's Antique Shop
Location: Hyrule Heights
Description: The shop is a construction site. After key points in the storyline, the building will have progress on it. After the last of Nigel's story encounter's he will be seen in the finished shop. When you enter it the first time once it's open you'll see him turn around and fall into a bookshelf causing all of the books on the shelf to fall and bury him. You'll pull him out. And he will recognise you.

The shop will have a minigame in which you can sort the books, and the more put into the correct places the more rupees you'll earn.

He will also have a sidequest in which you will go and look in a secret part of the sheikah temple that is a seperate mini-dungeon within the main dungeon, for a rare book in which he has been looking desperatly around hyrule for. He will give you the key that will unlock the door for the entrance of the mini-dungeon. He won't know where exactly it is but he'll say that he's heard rumors about it being somewhere in death valley.


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