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This thread is to discuss the plot for the second part of the story. Please elaborate here.

I know this doesn't sound like much but alas, Max and Niek know more than I do :P.

Okay, first off. I think there should be a red haring that ties the problems with the various races together. And it would also make it more ominous that something bad is creeping over the land. So I suggest that through Link's travels there are two characters that guide Link through the main story.

The first character is a bad guy/woman. At first he is friendly with Link, but as the story progresses he becomes more antagonizing. He is also responsible for releasing Ganondorf, making some of the problems happen and others allready were happening, but he makes them worse. This guy is pure evil and just want to see the world burn.

The second character is a good guy/woman. At first he is antagonizing towards Link, as he is under orders from Princess Zelda to stop Link from getting the cogs. However over time He recognizes Link for who he is and what his heritage is. He will go against orders and even help Link get to the final cog. He also aids Link in helping the races.

I think both should be Sheikah as it will allow them to be mystics and know about the Triforce and Ganon. The bad guy was exiled because of his vile tendencies.

Thanks, Ash!

Ahh, Niek, you ninja'd me! I'm about to post 3 posts, the first 2 with my ideas, and a third with my comments on yours.

Alright, well, before we ported the wiki, Niek and I were discussing some story problems. I think we should try to pick up where we left off, as well as flesh out the problems each race has.

So for one thing, our story doesn't have an antagonist. Ganon is the bad guy, but since he's working with Link for most of the story, that makes him a protagonist then. So therefore, we need SOMEONE to try and stop Link.

We've got plenty of options. I'll make two posts, one with an option I like.

 One I am advocating for is that since Link is working for the forces of evil, somebody working for the forces of good would try to stop him. Basically, once Ganon reveals his true colors, we'll have an antagonist, in both Ganon and Sykes, who Ganon hires. So we only need an antagonist until that point.

The potential problem with a "good guy" antagonist is that a truly good guy would help the zoras and gorons and deku solve their problems, but Link does that. Meaning although the good guy and Link opposed each other, they'd have to work together? Confusing. So here's my solution:

The Shiekah are wise. They get word that someone in Hyrule town is planning on collecting the ancient cogs to the Celestial Clock. Their knowledge of history informs them that whoever collects the cogs can gain access to the master sword, the final lock holding the triforce out of the reach of men. They'd endeavor to stop this from happening, as it could be catastrophic.

The Shiekah have been removed from the rest of Hyrule for a long time, and in a way like the Hylian aristocracy, they look down on those different from themselves. The Shiekah elders decide that the cogs would be safer if they were all in the care of the Shiekah, rather than be scattered and protected by races that can't even solve their own problems. The elders send a skilled warrior to collect the cogs before Link can, to prevent the triforce from being unlocked and stolen.

This warrior is called Ash, after his colorless hair (and after an awesome manager :p ). He wants to keep the triforce safe, for the greater good, but due to the Shiekah's elitist attitude, and his concentration on his mission, he fails to look out for the interests of the people who protect the cogs. In this way, he is a bad guy, he doesn't care about the Goron's plague or the Zora's kidnapped royalty, he just cares about getting the cogs before Link does.

Link and Ash are in a race to get the cogs, each believing that he is working for the greater good. While in the Deku forest, Link hears about a darkly-dressed outsider trying to find a way into the Deku temple. The Deku refused to assist him, and in revenge, the outsider destroyed the gates to the Deku palace, allowing the insurgents to enter the palace and creating chaos. Link, because of his compassion in contrast to the outsider's cruelty, is assisted by both parties, and can get into the temple.

While rescuing the Zora royalty, Link hears that a similarly dressed outsider assisted the fairly stupid Zola in capturing the royalty. After they were captured, the outsider demanded to know the location of the cog. Only the king knew, so he went with the outsider to the island where the entrance to the water temple was hidden. When Link goes to rescue the last hostage, the king, he finds Maple on the way. Link is surprised that Maple captured the Zora royalty, but she explains that she didn't, it must have been someone else, although she is looking for the cogs. She can't find the one around here, so she fights Link for some of his items and then leaves (this is to explain that there are 3 people looking for the cogs). Link goes to the water temple and find Ash there with the Zora king, and Ash explains that he is here to collect the cogs before Link can, and attacks. Link defeats Ash, who escapes. The Zora king gives Link the flippers in gratitude, and Link can then access the water temple.

Link encounters Ash again at the end of the Earth temple. After defeating the boss, Link finds that Ash has gotten there before him, and Ash takes the cog. Link pursues him, and they both bump into Maple, who also wants the cog. She helps Link defeat Ash, who flees, but then lets Link have the cog. She says that she's learned something from watching Link help out the people he meets along the way. People don't look up to Link because he has cogs, it's because he's nice. Maple decides to return to Syrup and ask to become her apprentice once again.

After Link invades the Shiekah temple and collects that cog, he returns to Ganon's room in the palace, but is followed by Ash and other Shiekah reinforcements. Ganon helps Link defeat them, but after their defeat, the Shiekah elders arrive with more warriors as well as Zelda, who reveals the truth of Ganon's plot.

Here's another idea I like, rather than somebody powerful, Maple is the antagonist. But more in just an mischievous, almost accidental way.

Link meets her before the first dungeon, and she explains her story, that she wasn't good enough to be Syrup's apprentice, so she's looking for the cogs to prove herself and boost her magic powers. She invades the Deku palace and magically brainwashes one of the guards into letting the Deku insurgents in, who attack the current king and cause chaos. This doesn't actually help her, though, and Link helps calm the confusion and because he cares about the Deku's problems, he helps them settle things, and they let him into the temple.

In the Zora river basin, Maple helps the Zola kidnap the Zora Royalty, who she questions about the locations of the cogs. They tell her they don't know, so she leaves. After rescuing the king, however, the he reveals that he did know, and lets Link in.

In the Goron area, Maple promises the Gorons a potion that will cure their tooth-rotting disease if they give her the cog. They let her into the dungeon, but at the end, Link fights Maple and he gets the cog. However, she then realizes that Link has been helping out all these people instead of hurting them, and has gotten recognition and respect this way, while she's just failed her mission. She decides to make a potion to cure the Gorons anyway, and Link goes off to the Valley of Death.

In the Valley of Death, there's kind of enough innate conflict between the Gerudo and Shiekah that we don't need anyone to initiate it, particularly because if we chose a Shiekah to be the antagonist, that wouldn't make sense, there's shiekah there already instigating the conflict, and if we went with Maple, she kind of isn't powerful enough to influence the Shiekah, they're too powerful themselves.

Alright, my comments so far:

-Ermagerd you named a character Ash :D and he sounds awesome
-I like the Maple being an accidental antagonist idea...it's really interesting.


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