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[Submission] Hyrule Slums Turf Wars


Location: Hyrule Slums
After Farin is imprisoned and Link leaves, a rival gang, the Killer Bees, takes over much of Link's Gang's territory, preventing them from stealing from people in these areas. In between dungeons, Link can return to the slums and help out his old gang through liberating areas. This rebuilds Link's relations and trust with his old gang, as well as allowing him access to parts of Hyrule Town. The final reward is Link being allowed back into the hideout because of the rebuilt relations. Inside the hideout will be an item upgrade or piece of heart, and also... not Sykes. The gang will be shocked, and inform Link that they expected him to be here. Sykes will be absent from this point until he returns as Ganon's new apprentice.

Liberating Turf:
The Killer Bees control their turf by attacking anyone from Link's gang who goes into certain areas with slingshots. The turf can be liberated by going into these areas and defeating a Killer Bee in a small fight. Upon each one's defeat, he will whine and run away from the area, taking with him a couple other kids who would otherwise be blocking off Link's path.

The Killer Bees:
The Killer Bees hang out, blocking alleys, doors, and places to climb onto roofs. They usually come in groups, some which block off roads and stuff, one of which is armed with a Slingshot. This one must be defeated to clear the area. Their attack style is consistent with this: they keep their distance from Link and shoot him when they're far enough away.

When Link comes near one, he will run away, similar to the Bombers from Majora's Mask. One he reaches a certain distance and has an unobstructed shot, he will stop and aim back at Link. Aiming and shooting requires a short time when they won't move. They shoot seeds, which do 1/4 heart damage. Link can block these shots with his shield or slash them with his sword.

Catching them can be accomplished by taking advantage of their pauses to aim, or by cornering them. They are pretty fast, so it can be difficult. They will not go too far away from their post, but are capable of jumping over walls Link can vault over.
Any weapon is effective against them. When struck, they will get stars spinning around their head for a second, then they will surrender and run away.

Once the Killer Bee is defeated, the others in the area will also run away, allowing unobstructed access, and usually a member of Link's gang will run up, surprised to see Link, but thankful that he helped defeat the rival gang. Link will then be able to find this member of the gang around town. Note that there might be some smaller areas Killer Bees guard where a gang member doesn't run up, generally just where gaining free access allows Link into a hidden area with a chest.

The locations that Killer Bees block off are access points to areas of Town Link wouldn't be able to get to otherwise, such as ladders, stacks of boxes, or climbable walls that allow Link onto some roofs, or alleys that allow Link into a courtyard, or entrances to the sewer system, etc.. There are usually chests with rewards that can be found in the liberated areas.

It will be necessary to liberate some areas, so that Link can get there to find an item or NPC necessary to his quest. Some Killer Bees might even block off the road to the market or castle, making Link's defeating them necessary immediately upon returning to Hyrule Town. The gang member who would meet Link after this encounter could explain the situation to Link.

However, all areas Killer Bees guard will not be accessible immediately. Some Killer Bees might be on a roof Link needs the hookshot or magnetic gloves to reach, for example, so Link will have to return later in the game to liberate these areas.

Although access to the town and the treasure chests hidden therein is its own reward, when Link has met with every member of his gang again (minus Sykes), he will gain access to the hideout. It will only be possible to meet every member after the Goron Dungeon, as the Earth Cog must be used to clear a path to a Killer Bee.

After defeating this Killer Bee, Anton will be the last member of the gang that Link meets. He will explain that Sykes had instructed him to keep the hideout locked up tight from Link, but now Anton believes Sykes was mistaken, and Link didn't betray them. Anton will go to the hideout and unlock the door. When Link comes to the hideout, Anton will express to Link that Sykes should be there too. But he's gone missing. Where is Sykes? This serves as a clue, if the player bothers to free enough areas, that Sykes has joined Ganondorf.

Now that Link can get into the hideout, he will find a heart piece in a treasure chest, and that Finney keeps a big pot of soup over a fire, and she will give Link some if he has an empty bottle. The soup has two servings, each one will replenish 8 hearts and make Link feel loved.

We could also adapt the 7 Deadly Sins idea to this, instead of the Killer Bees, Link could have to find 7 rival gang members. The battles wouldn't be slingshot, but instead, the gang member would steal one of Link's items and fight him with it. Defeat would yield the same results. Just an idea.

No to sound needy, but just so I can factor this into other things, anyone have an opinion on this?

I like this, it's a different spin on the whole, "This area is blocked off and you need a certain item to get to it."

I do however think that .5 hearts of damage is too much and it should probably be lowered .25.  These are kids afterall! :)

Well, kids shooting you with rocks :p
.25 is fine, I figure all the damage values will be adjusted at least a little eventually when we start playtesting.

So, I mentioned this sidequest in the chapter  discussion, but independently, should we get back to this? I still think it's a good idea 8 months later, so that probably's gotta lend it some merit. The only potential drawback I can think of is if Hyrule Town isn't big enough to support having multiple areas blocked off. I've always imagined a very large Hyrule town with different streets and several alleys.


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