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[Submission] Morien's Manor / Morien Mansion(draft still)


Omg, the Dirus idea made me think of this lol.  XD
*This area will not only be just another location, but a mini dungeon like area.
*This area is optional for the player to venture inside, if they want to find the warrior that broke into the area. But this is only mention after beating the Shadow Temple.

Morien's Manor / Morien Mansion History
A long long time ago in Hyrule, there used to be a rich Hylian couple who created a Masion, off the roadway nearby the Sheikah Tribe village. The couple lived there with 5 of their kids and lived a happy life. One day, a Shiekah villager spotted the family and succumb with jealous for The Morien Family. So he created a type of poison to rid the Hylians from the Sheikah Land. This Shiekah was successful, however, he was soon captured and jail inside the area now known as the Shadow Temple.
As for the Morien Family, they soon died afterwards, one by one within the home.
Their corpses were retrieved and buried within the garden area within Morien's Manor.
The manor is then boarded up, and locked away as if it never existed.

Area Appearance
The area is surrounded by trees, at its center lies the home of the once living Morien Family. Around the home lies a meadow area, which contains gardens of different flowers.
Present day the area looks dark, gloomy and decayed, even the house of the Morien looks a bit torn apart due to rotting walls and vines covering the home.

Present Day

As you can see, Morien's Manor is vacant. Just like the Shiekah Village, the manor hasn't been touched by anyone, nor do monster roam the area. Morien's Manor remains locked away since the day the Morien Family's bodies were taken and buried.
The player is able to get to Morien's Manor via side-quest when someone wanting to seek any valuable items left behind by the Morien's Family. Upon arrival, the player cannot do anything for somehow the player is locked inside the manor, and must not only find a way out, but finding and returning the foolish warrior who seeks the Morien's Treasure.

Morien's Manor Areas

Morien Maison -  The boarded up and forgotten home of the Morien Family, many say it is haunted now. It contains 3 floors and multiple rooms.
Morien's Gardens - It is a meadow like area which now serves as a graveyard of the Morien Family. There, the player can find a key to enter the Masion. It also surrounds the masion, however the far left contains the gravestones of the Morien Family.
Morien Family Tomb -  The player can enter the area, however, the isn't anything to do inside. The player can see the coffins locked away in an inaccessible room, but a sign can be read saying: "The Morien's Family... A wonderful family who gave the Sheiakah tribe their love and protection, until they were murdered by a disgraced Shiekah villager. May they find rest and find peace..."

Questing(will work a bit for the quest idea) -
The foolish warrior who wanted to make a profit off of Morien Family's belongings breaks into a window to enter the Masion, only to be trapped in a cell like structure within the basement.
The first key can be found in the graveyard section in order to gain access to the Masion. While inside, the player is greeted by a Poe with no name or a face, and this poe will move to a room, where the player must go. The poe leads the player to an old bedroom, where if the player takes a nap. They will go into a nightmare like phase.

Nightmare Phase I -
In this phase, the player dreams that they are one of the Morien Children, and must do a couple of puzzles to find out where the Morien children hid the special keys for the basement. Once this small puzzle is done, the player awakens and the poe appears again, and leaves the room, only to have the player follow it to the next room.(Trying to do something similar to the quest in FF6 with Doma castle lol)

There will be 3 nightmare phases including the 4th being the day that the Morien Family slowly die away.

Once all dream phases are done, the player can now go and find where the keys are hidden to free the warrior trapped in the basement.

Boss(Will add to mini boss section):

While you unlock the warrior from the basement, the poe is then seeing coming slowly down stairs, shutting the door behind it.
It splits itself into multiple parts, and begins to fight the player, while the other warrior cringes in fear hiding under an old box.

Quest Failure -
If the player does not go after the warrior, a bit later in game, you can see the warrior as a ghost, just wandering the graveyard. He is not hostile, but when approached, he vanishes, and if the player is far away, he appears again.
The keys to enter the manor will also be unobtainable.
The only way to fail is if you do not go after him once you finish the Shadow Temple. Guards will inform you of a random warrior going to this Manor.

Final Fantasy 6 - Doma Castle
The player is able to find clues to key locations via napping in the bedrooms , which the poe enters in.

The poe doesn't not attempt to kill Link or the Warrior. It wanted to the player to see what it had suffered.
It is unknown to which Morien' member the faceless poe is, however since it enter one of the late Morien child room, it is most likly one of the kids.
The warrior entered the basement via breaking the window, however upon Link's arrival, the window seem to be fixed again, could be the work of the Poe or someone/thing else.

Don't know why, but it reminds to "The Fall of the House of Usher". Probably because in the Martian Chronicles a rich guy buys a house and make it looks like the Usher house, all scary and sinister, just like this one.


--- Quote from: BlazeBigBang on November 14, 2012, 11:39:52 am ---Don't know why, but it reminds to "The Fall of the House of Usher". Probably because in the Martian Chronicles a rich guy buys a house and make it looks like the Usher house, all scary and sinister, just like this one.

--- End quote ---

Thx, with this place I want the player to feel a bit of fear within a 2D game lol. Wanna make it as dark as possible.


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