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First of all, this is a total reference to Golden Sun.

Name: Venus Lighthouse
Location: Goron Mountain
Function: the Venus Lighthouse will improve Link's Earth Cog
Description: a huge green lighthouse that holds the power of Earth in its sphere on the top. The Earth Sphere used to guide lost travelers on its way to find the Deku Swamp, as well as to keep the the Wind Cog strong. It has now lost its power, and the Wind Cog is weakened.

Name: Mercury Lighthouse
Location: Lake Hylia
Function: the Mercury Lighthouse will improve Link's Water Cog
Description: a huge blue lighthouse that holds the power of Water in its sphere on the top. The Water Sphere used to make the Rivers flow calmly, as well as to make the Water Cog be strengthened. It has now lost its power, and the Water Cog is weakened.

Name: Jupiter Lighthouse
Location: Wind Forest
Function: the Jupiter Lighthouse will improve Link's Wind Cog
Description: a huge violet lighthouse that holdes the power of Wind in its sphere on the top. The Wind Sphere used to make the winds blow from North to South, as well as from East to West. It has now lost its power, and the Wind cog is weakened.

Name: Mars Lighthouse
Location: Valley of Death
Function: the Mars Lighthouse will improve Link's Shadow Cog (it doesn't make sense, does it?  XD)
Description: a huge red lighthouse that holds the power of Darkness in its sphere on the top. The Shadow Sphere used to darken the Gerudo Desert, as well as the Valley of Death. It has now lost its power, and the Shadow cog is weakened.


The Wind Forest is a Forest located at the right of the entrance of the Forest Temple. However, it can't be entered there unless the player has the Wind Cog, as its needed to open a path. Here it's the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Any comments on this?

Well, I'm just not really sure of the significance of the planet vs. the area....to me I feel like it's a little mixed up except for Mercury and maybe Jupiter since it's a huge ball of gas. Why isn't Mars the Goron Mountain lighthouse? It just doesn't really make sense. If anything, something like Pluto would be the Valley of Death one since it's so far away and cast in shadow or something.

I do like the concept though. Do we really need them? What exactly are these for? Are they there for decoration?

In all honesty I don't have a good feeling with it. The Light houses are way to much a reference to Golden Sun, especially because it seems like ancient power generators for the cogs. Second, a lighthouse on land does not make much sense either in a Zelda game, unless the area previously was a sea or something. Third, I don't think the cogs need powering up. These things are already powerful, because they have a range of attack, which allows you to fight of being surrounded by hordes of enemies already. Powering them up even more would make the cogs a bit of a deus ex machina device to easily get through the game, without a scratch.

Star: putting each lighthouse in each zone was hard. More than nothing, because just the Jupiter and Mercury had an only place to be. The other two were hard to decide where to put them. However, we can change the location if neccesary. And, apart from powering up the cogs, they're just something to add to the game. And also, not neccesarily a sphere, I was basing myself in Golden Sun  XD. It could be that Link puts the cog there, and a beam of light appears from the top, and since that moment, the cog is powered up.

Niek: this brings a question to the admins of the project. Do the cogs use magic to attack? If they don't, then, the player would be using them all the time to defeat every single enemy instead of fighting with the sword or any other items. Back to your post, they used to power up the cog. Now they're not lit, so they don't anymore. And in Golden Sun it was never stated that the area was before a sea, or something; they just were there, created by mankind to protect the planet. The same happens with Zelda: they were created to protect the cogs.


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