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Alright, here is where we'll be discussing the Zora arc of the story.

Currently we know that the high members of the Zora family are kidnapped and are at war with the Zolas...and uhh...that's it.

And this is what the wiki says about Zoras:

--- Quote ---The traders of Hyrule, they have been responsible for maintaining the water passageways. They house their cog in the Lake Hylia Temple ,their most sacred grounds. They are stuck in a conflict with the River Zolas, who have kidnapped the heirs and invaded Lake Hylia
--- End quote ---

So, once this is solved, will you be reviewing the thing of the Zorkas?

They'll be considered as we develop this.  Seems like an easy fit for this part of the story, though.

So I have some questions that we probably should think about when defining the zora arc:
~Why are they at war with each other?
~How are we going to transition into this arc
~Who kidnapped the high members of the zora family
~any issues among themselves

I have some thoughts though I'm going to have organise them before I post them here.

We know that the royal family members were kidnapped by the Zolas.  I'm not sure if we discussed why they were at war, I'll have to check.

EDIT: Nope, we didn't.  From the looks of it, we made Zoras traders and waterway maintainers.  Perhaps we could play off this, something like the Zolas wanted control of Zora's Domain?  Those who control the water ways control trade among Hyrule.


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