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Idea: Technical demo via Prequel


Okay, so I'm basically proposing this to see if it's remotely feasible, 'cause I don't really know from a programmatical standpoint, but anyway:

What if we present a demo of the game engine via a prologue to the game? Specifically, Farin's backstory. I don't think we cemented the details proposed in Farin's NPC topic, but we do know that he was born as the Gerudo king, but due to Ganon, he was exiled or escaped the Gerudo city and traveled to Hyrule town after Ganon. Sounds like a good story.

I know this would probably require a lot more work, like the sprites necessary for Farin to be a playable character, but it could be really cool. We're mapping the Gerudo city and Hyrule town anyway obviously, but it'd be particularly badass to set this game like 7 years in the past, to there would be minor changes to the areas. Then the plot would be able to give backstory details that wouldn't really fit into the main KOT game. I also think this might be a great way to build up some excitement about KoT. It's a lot more concrete and fun than a tech demo, but would serve the same purpose. I mean, Farin probably wouldn't be able to use all the items, but we might be able to make Gerudo versions that function the same way.

I noticed this when I looked at Farin's NPC topic to see what he needed to explain at the end of the game when he's like "oh hey I've been the king all along, I didn't tell you, yo, my bad". We'll need a brief explanation here, but it'd be pretty awkward, complicated, unnessecary, and totally throw off the pacing of the game to fit in his entire backstory, which sounds pretty interesting. I mean, I'm not trying to be assassin's parkour or kingdom hearts or any bulky franchise, I just thought his story is interesting, would be fun to hear/tell, and uses many of the resources we're already developing.

Sooooo, what do you think?

My basic idea for his backstory as a game would be:

Farin is presented as the king, almost of age, and we introduce Syrup as maybe a close friend, or maybe an acquaintance. We also get to see the Gerudo palace as it was before Abigail took over and focused only on war.

Farin's official coronation is going to take place next week, and one part of the preparations is an obstacle course he must get through to prove his competency to lead the Gerudo. It's out in the desert, and he must get through it using Gerudo artifacts suspiciously similar to items Link gains (thereby showing off some of the items in KoT) (although we should probably leave a few to show off just in the main game.).

Farin completes the course and is congratulated by his mentor, the current female warlord. She hands him the King's Sword, a symbolic weapon proving the Gerudo king's competency to lead. He goes back to the Gerudo palace, and walking into his room, he finds a Gerudo woman lying dead on the floor. He is stunned, and just at that moment, the warlord's advisers, Koume and Kotake walk in. They accuse him of murder, and are shocked at this betrayal of his people. Guards are immediately summoned, and Farin is taken to the dungeon.

Hours pass, and Syrup finds him. She informs him that his trial was strange, it went so fast, nobody really knew what was going on, and suddenly the warlord council had decided to execute him. Farin claims that he didn't kill the woman, and Syrup says she knows. She has a plan. The dungeon is too well guarded for him to escape right now- however, it's only the ways out that are guarded so well. We're going to set up some provisions so that you can escape during the execution. Syrup produces a key, and they split up, Farin needs to utilize STEALTH SKILLS to sneak to a couple locations in the dungeon complex and plant some explosive jelly potion Syrup created. Then, he has to get back into his cell. Meanwhile, Syrup plants explosives at points outside the dungeon to assist in the escape. As Farin closes the door to his cell, Syrup pokes in through the window. She says everything's gonna be okay, don't worry. She'll see him tomorrow.

The next day, Farin is taken out to the execution place (I don't know how they do it. Shoot him? Maybe just push him into a pit? Off a cliff like Sparta?) As the warlords are about to execute him, an explosion goes off. Farin uses COMBAT SKILLS to knock out a couple guards, then run through the rubble of the wall. Now he must follow the exploding path that they set up using AGILITY SKILLS (all the capitalization is because these are the mechanics we're designing for Link in KoT, being tested in this game), as well as maybe fighting a couple guards. Syrup shows up at points, using a bow and arrows to shoot the potions and making them explode. The crumbled walls and collapsed buildings are still around when Link visits the Gerudo settlement 7 years (or so) later.

At the end of the path, which is the city gate, Farin is confronted by a young soldier- Abigail. She claims that this is the last time the Gerudo will ever trust a man. These are my people now! And she fights him briefly. However, Farin escapes when Syrup arrives and intervenes, and they get out of the city. They pause at the top of a sand dune or on some old ruins, as Gerudo soldiers are in hot pursuit. "Our chances are better if we split up", Farin says, and they part. Syrup disappears from view, and just then, Farin is hit with an arrow. He continues to run, getting hit once more, before he puts enough distance between the guards that they lose him. He eventually happens across an oasis and collapses.

He wakes up to a hermit standing over him. He gives Farin some water and says "I don't know what this means, but you're the second Gerudo running through here today." Farin perks up "The first one, was she okay? Did she get hurt?"

"She?" Says the hermit. "The first one was a man." Farin is shocked. "He went through here, looked as if his horse was laden with treasure from the sand temples. He took Leever pass, if he's crazy enough, he might be trying to escape the desert and find his way to Hyrule."

Farin thanks the hermit and follows the other Gerudo man to Hyrule. Leever pass is a narrow, winding canyon with a creek that falls over an enormous cliff at the end. Farin has to make jumps from ledges and barely makes it- it's obvious there's no going back. He finds himself in Hyrule town at the end, and wrapping himself tight in his cloak, wanders into a tavern in the slums. He gets a drink and listens to people talking. He hears them saying they've heard about a Gerudo King coming into town. Farin starts to panic, but realizes that they aren't describing him. "He wore all black and had a horse the same color. He brought a bunch of treasure to the castle as a token of friendship. I hear he's trying to negotiate peace. I thought the gerudo were extinct! Etcetera!" Farin decides he'll stay in town and figure out what this Gerudo imposter is, and how to expose him.

And the game would conclude there.

Seems like a waste of resources. If you want a technical demo, avoid complicating things by making a whole nother game.. instead, just implement the game mechanics and a "test area/dungeon" of sorts.

Doesn't seem to be enough manpower to code, map, or do whatever is necessary to complete this idea within a timely manner. Yeah, there may be no due dates on this project but consider how much time may have already been invested into the project.. Idea sounds great on paper, yeah.. but I'm the pessimist here to tell you that it's probably a waste of time.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with DICKBUTT.  As cool as the idea is, it's definitely out of scope.  I would be for developing this in the future as a spinoff, but for now our focus should be primarily on KoT.

Aww, well :\
That's why I ask these questions, I really have no idea how much more work these things would be. But yeah, I'll remember this for after we're done, if it'd be a good idea then or not.

Well then, back to the primary focus at hand!


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