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So, I was gathering all the bits of story from the six acts because there's some holes we discussed that didn't get ported anywhere on the wiki that I could find. Speaking of which, I'm not sure if I have the like, authority to edit the wiki plot page to include the revised stuff we came up with and get everything into one place, because we've basically overwritten some stuff that would be kind of erased if I updated it to have the newer story stuff.

Anyway, I was going through it and found a bit of a hole. Ganondorf tells Link the Gorons and Zora have two cogs after he has the Deku cog, but Ganondorf doesn't tell Link the last cog is with the shiekah. He says he thinks it's with the royal family.

One, does anyone remember why we had this happening? Why Ganondorf didn't just say, "the rest of the cogs are with the Goron, Zora, and Sheikah tribes."?

Two, idea I had, maybe the Hylian royalty legitimately did have the last cog. Link comes back from the Gorons and Ganondorf tells him the cog is somewhere in the castle. Meanwhile, Zelda is onto them. She's taken the cog from it's hiding place and is involved in shipping it off to the Sheikah. Link goes through the castle to find the place the cog was hidden, but when he gets to the room Zelda is leaving with the cog. He runs out onto a balcony and sees Zelda handing the package off to a Sheikah warrior. Ganondorf decides their only option is for Link to head to the Sheikah tribe and steal the cog from them. Commence Link heading to death valley.

You should be able to edit the wiki, let me know if you can't find the edit button or something.

As for the hole, if I remember right I THINK after you get the 3rd cog, Ganondorf contacts Link somehow (through an item or something, I don't remember) and tells him the Sheikah have it.

Huh. Well, I don't see any reason Ganon shouldn't just let Link know this when he tells him where the. Goron and Zora cogs are. Especially since I don't think there is an item for him to contact Link. And this is the only time he'd need to, and there's no justification I can find for him to keep it a secret this long.

It looks like we were talking about this but never came to a final decision.  There's a few posts about it here:


Cool, looked all that over. I think we've got two options.

1) Ganon just tells Link where all 3 remaining cogs are after the Deku one. Goron, Zora, Sheikah. Link can go back to town between them if he wants. This leaves the most exploration, least guidance, I think.

2) If we stick to Ganon thinking the cog was with the Royal Family, we might as well add a dramatic kind of event when he goes back to get that one. Like he goes into the throne room and Zelda is giving the cog to a Sheikah, and she sees Link and calls the guards, he has to use agility/stealth to escape, then try to sneak into the Sheikah stronghold. Which, there, he gets caught and thrown out, meets the Hero's Shade, goes to the desert, etc.

Goron Mountain and the Valley of Death are pretty much next to Hyrule town anyway, we aren't necessarily saving much time by going directly to the valley anyway, and Link can knock out some sidequests back in town, reunite with some of his gang, etc.

So the first option is simpler, the second one adds a bit more hassle, but excitement. We should just pick one or the other. Probably the game will get finished a bit more quickly if we don't need to make a scene of Link sneaking through Hyrule Castle, but it would be fun :p

Also, I was looking back through topics when we were discussing the fungus in the Deku Swamp and I was going on about the root systems of fungal species like and said "My girlfriend's way into mushrooms so I'm all about them by association", and everyone thought I was talking about psychedelics and I TOTALLY didn't get it. She was studying Organismal Biology and focusing on Mycology, trying to study luciferace enzymes in a certain species and the drug references just went totally over my head. Lol. I thought that was really funny. Oh Max from two years ago...


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