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Here, the artwork for those three can be found down on this page:


We'll have to put those into frames though, I think they're designed to go into stained glass windows. Pretty much any item or NPC could pretty easily be turned into a statue, just change the colors to stone colors. I think it'd be great if many/most of the art had jokes to go along with it, but let's not rely too heavily on references to other games.

It would also make sense if most of the art (other than Ansel's photos) was focused just on Hyrule Town and the Royalty and stuff. That would suit the personality of the rich folks in town, and would make Ansel's pictures from around Hyrule sort of groundbreaking.

Wow, long time since we worked on these XD
So I quickly made the shooting gallery just as it was described to me by Max a LONG time ago:

--- Quote from: Donotfeedthemax ---Shooting Gallery/Ammo shop - Has a counter with ammo (bombs, arrows, Deku nuts) on shelves behind it. Over on the other side of the shop is a long-ish gallery, like a rectangle [] with ropes hanging across it and slots in the walls. Targets come out of the slots along the ropes so Link can shoot them in the shooting game.

--- End quote ---

No one has been working on this project lately, why is that?

Life has been busy unfortunately :( I'm also trying to work out a nasty bug in our map editor that's basically rendering it useless with certain graphics card drivers.  So a lot of my dev time has been spent there instead of actual game features.

I *am* hoping to get another playable release out by year end

EDIT: Also, there *is* another zfgc-related project being worked on internally (not a game though)


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