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So, I don't exactly know how many sword techniques can Link learn, but the idea is quite generic. Before Link gets the first cog, in a mountain area, or maybe the desert, there shall be an obstacle that blocks Link's path. After acquiring the first cog, the player would be able to destroy this obstacle (in the wiki says the wind cog can put out flames and blow windmills, so something like that could be).

Gaining access to that area would lead to a moutain with a small sanctuary or shrine on top. A little puzzle as he climbs to the top, where he finds a man sparring. The man'd then tell Link the story about his ancestors, who were proud warriors whose abilities were recognised far and wide. Each generation inveted a new technique, and would be passed down from father to son. However, the twist here would be that the descendant who was to learn the first one's technique (say, the fifth in the family) would have to confront with his ancestor's spirit in a duel.

So, this man would tell Link that he hasn't been able to creat his own technique, and his ancestors are angered by this and refuse to go back to teach their techniques. Then, the man realizes that Link is a skillful swordsman and suggests that he takes the challenge and confronts the very first man of the lineage to learn his technique.

Shall Link accept, he'd be taken to a dream-like realm in which he'd have to solve a puzzle, maybe defeat a few enemies, and then find the old man. The elder would look down to Link, stating that only gerudos are able to master his techniques. Shall Link triumph over the old man or not, he'd recognise his abilities and offer to teach his technique.

After learning the technique, the man from the mountain would tell Link that he's leaving to hone his skills and that he should seek for his other ancestors to teach the techniques. Across the lands, the player can find different areas with that have the entrance for a the dungeon, where they shall complete a puzzle to learn the technique.

Locations and descriptions
-Atop of a mountain, with the sage. In the dream, Link shall find an old man (with a Miyagi-like beard) who looks down upon him and doesn't recognise his ability until the battle.
"Let's see if you're capable of facing me..."

-A cave in the desert, after completing a small puzzle Link shall find a sword struck in the ground. Upon "speaking" with it, a spirit will appear and talk with Link. This one would be an average man, covered in robes, since he's using them to travel in sandstorsm. Silent guy, who'll say two or three lines to Link and get ready for combat.
"... alright, let's do this..."

-A graveyard (catacombs, to be precise, like the ones from OoT). Upon finding the tomb, the spirit shall appear and speak. An average man under and armor, wielding sword and shield. Friendlier than most of the others, with an upbeat attitude trying to crack a joke with almost every sentence.
"Hahaha, you remind me of my son, eager for a fight. Alright, show me what you've got."

-At the lake. Playing a melody with the ocarina would cause the lake to split in two (like Moses) and reveal stairs that lead to a dungeon below. This would be the mighty pirate with a cutlass, but maybe looking more like a corsair or something like that. And yeah, speaking like a true pirate.

-In the forest, finding a whirlwind would lead Link to a ruined city in the sky (like the dungeon from Minish Cap). Quite simple, the man would be wearing comfortable clothes, much like Link. This one would turn around to Link and ask him for a fight. In books or something Link could find the legend of a man (this guy) who alone defeated a thousand men trying to invade his city. Rumors said that he was a madman passionate for battle.
"I single-handedly defended this city, now gone to ruins. The only thing that remains intact is my lust for battle. Let's dance, boy, make me feel alive again!"

I got kinda inspired from the Hero's Shade and the spirit of the swordsman from Minish Cap. So, yeah, that's it. Whaddya think?

I think the idea of having a spirit guide kind of person to teach sword techniques is a solid one, and we've seen it work in Twilight Princess and Minish Cap kind of, with the blade brothers. That had the whole "for more techniques, find my relatives" thing going on.

There's kind of a big hole as far as the plot of your sidequest though, as far as established Zelda cannon. There is only one Gerudo man born every 100 years, which doesn't make a ton of sense but has been stated often in the Zelda franchise. If Link is meeting a Gerudo man whose throne has been overthrown... He's meeting Farin. That's like, the plot of the game. Ganon threw Farin off the Gerudo throne and is posing as the current Gerudo king.

So, I think what works in your sidequest is that Link could meet a person of a different species, who teaches Link a sword technique, and at various places throughout the world Link can battle this person's ancestors for the other techniques? Maybe little shrines?

Oh damn, I totally forgot about that one. I came up with the Gerudo because the spirits would be angry and retired to their own realm because of the throne being usurped by Ganon.

Well, maybe a Hylian would be the same, but yeah, that's basically the idea. I mean, the man that Link finds atop of the mountain hasn't yet developed his own technique, so the last technique should be learnt from this man. Any race could work, I guess.

And yeah, throughout the world, if the players decide to explore they would find a shrine similar to the one of the moutain.

Changed the race and added descriptions of the men with their personalities and quotes.

I think the sword skills are these:

Sword Bream
Barrel Ambush
Pursuit Slash
Shield Attack
Roll Attack
Down Thrust

But I'm pretty sure Zeere the Zen Zora teaches the pursuit slash, but that might be adjustable?

A couple other notes, you didn't change Gerudo the whole way through, you left a couple. We don't have an Ocarina item, or a graveyard but a tomb hidden somewhere would work. Having an entire hidden floating city seems a bit much to add in as it doesn't have any other purpose, but the character could still be on a cloud I figure.


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