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Well, the idea of working the village into the dungeon design is certainly viable. However, before you go ahead and start working it in, it'd be better if we settle on the design of the dungeon first. I don't think we have a finalized plan to map from, so ideas about working the village into the dungeon should come at the planning stage, then we won't start mapping until we have a plan done.

If you want to submit a plan for a dungeon, the dungeon thread would be good, feel free to use some of my ideas, but let's just have a plan before we map. It'll save a lot of time.

Yea if I remember correctly, parts of the village are in the forest temple.  It is supposed to be their resting place according to the wiki after all!  But yea, Max is right, open up a dungeon design thread separate from this one.

So I worked a whole lot on this and made the two main floors! I had a lot of trouble with the rooms in general and SPECIALLY the canopy. But I think it looks alright. I LOVE the chest on the web, probably the best of all the map IMO XD

What do you guys think?

EDIT: I made the miniboss room. All that´s left is the boss room. Is it inside or outside?


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