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Link animations (using cogs)

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I made link using the wind cog animation. Link charges it up and then throws it towards the direction he´s facing. I will attempt The other ones too.

Looks good to me.  I'll have to remove Link from the center of the tornado for coding purposes, but that shouldn't be a problem :)

I don't get the cogs reference. What does that mean exactly? It reminds me of LoZ flute whirlwind. Very nice.

MurrCatt, the cogs parts refers to a set of items important to the game. They're the plot device as well as items you can use. If you're interested in anything to do with king of thieves, you should check out the wiki! :D


You can get a good idea of the basic story and stuff there.

Anyway, looks pretty great man! I like how big the tornado is, really makes it feel like the cog is truly powerful.

Wow Im glad you like it!

The frame of link in the tornado is the one on top the text! You only need to fip the tornado animation on the top of the sheet to make the tornado apear animation. If you dont the tornado will turn one way and then the otherway.


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