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Link animations (using cogs)

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I gave this one a go! Link charges up water and then pushes out a huge wave in the direction he´s facing. I edited the wave from here: http://spritefx.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/sprite-shock-waves.html

I thought it looked great! I hope nobody kills me for this...

From the wiki:

--- Quote ---Sea Cog

Holding the button assigned to the thief bracers with this equipped charges an attack when not adjacent to a door. When released, Link releases a concussive wave of water in a radius around him. When it hits enemies, it damages them. It can turn water wheels and nourish plants. Using this attack uses up a portion of Link's magic.
--- End quote ---


Other than the big water axe, this would probably work. The splashy summoning animation. But I think the cog's effect is supposed to be a circle expanding out from around Link.

Yup, correct.  The wave itself should surround Link

I finally made the wave as a radius around Link! (I forgot to do it last summer XD)


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