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[SUBMISSION] Link Barrel Ambush


This is Thief Link breaking out of a barrel (not pictured) to perform an ambush attack. The sprite set is noseblunt3's set and I have permission to make and submit this derivative work. The sprite should be made to go up and out, with an appropriate shadow below, as he is in the air to come down with a stab attack.

Dude thats awesome! Good job!

Looks really good, actually!

Lol if you look at the two last frames of the without sword link, he looks like he is commiting suicide! (Imagine a small knife and lots of blood)
(Suicide link: by Spritonic Simpson xD)
Suicide link!
Suicide link!
Does whatever a suicide link does!
Can he hide in a barrel?
No he can't!
He's a kid
Look out!
He is suicide link!!


Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive words. :) It's been a while since I've done any sort of spriting, so I'm glad it wasn't a mess.

Oh yes, suicide link. Maybe ritualistic seppuku samurai link?  :o


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