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So far the only priorities are locations? I'm guessing entities like creatures and Link animations will come later?


--- Quote ---So how is this thing read as a priority list?
--- End quote ---

Are you guys able to click the items on the menu and see the label meanings?  I'll put a breakdown in the first post just in case.

EDIT: Yea, you can see the label meaning.  Click the item on the list and it will become apparent.

--- Quote ---So far the only priorities are locations?
--- End quote ---

Building the list out, we can discuss what else should be added.

Haha, my bad. I just didn't notice when I clicked on it.

If we're opening the discussion as to what can be added now- I'd like to put some priority on sidequests/bonus content, as well as NPCs. The NPCs inform design for the villages to some extent, and the side quests/bonus content inform the area design in terms of "add secret caves" and stuff- it's also much better to design initially something like "there is an arena for you to fight the Helmaroc for the Roc's Cape" than to tack it on at the end.

Also, content like bonus quests and NPCs can be developed/critiqued faster, since it's just words/ideas and we don't need to create any real content for them.

Sure, we can do that.  Is there anything specifically you'd like to tackle?  I would suggest sprites for the Link's gang to be on there somewhere.

Primary characters should be first, right?


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