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Great to see this project is still being worked on.  The town looks amazing.  Great job guys!

Cool, just played the 2.1 demo, but I don't think I saw much of the content. I got stuck in a house and there was no exit trigger on the doorway or something, so I couldn't leave.... :P

Maybe I'll give the demo another go later. I just don't know what's programmed and what's not and aimlessly wandering around is a bit boring/tedious. I ended up going to a bunch of incomplete places in the town instead of finding what the demo has to offer. Since it is just a demo, it would be nice to have a walkthrough of some kind to help people find all of the content. Unless there is one and I'm just Blind.

Hey Frozen. The first quest is to kill all the snakes which are in the slums. Afterwards you go into the shop in the slums and steal the powder. This triggers the boss fight. That is basically it for the demo.

In addition to the above, there are 6 snakes to be killed and all are in the slums

Oh duh, so you guys mean I'm supposed to literally do what the text very clearly implies if I read it and remember it?.... Yes? Ah.... wow, my bad. I guess the problem was that I always avoid doing what I'm told to do in Zelda games and instead I go look around. XD I did try to fight the snakes later, but at that point I had messed up the layer in which Link was at (because I went outside of the bounds of the area and came back in) and I couldn't kill the snakes when I came back to where they were at, and by that time I kinda forgot what the beginning text said, haha, I'm an idiot.

So anyway, on another note, I tried to shoot this man with an arrow and I received this error as punishment.  >:D Actually, I got the error again when I tried shooting an arrow at a wall in there, so I guess it just doesn't like the player to shoot arrows while in the shop?

Anyway, I did fight the boss and 'beat' the demo now. I can say it's cool to see the CP becoming something playable, but it's obviously still quite a work in progress, so no crits from me, just a "keep on doing whatcha doing".

The game was using roughly 10-11% CPU for me, btw. No idea if this info is useful at all though. Just randomly saying so.  :P


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