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Hey the guys who played this (except for Max, because I know his answer already loool).  Did any of you have framerate problems?  I'm trying to get to the bottom of the issue Max is having with his !@#$% poor framerate.  Could you guys all post your system specs (ram, graphics card and cpu) as well as your framerate?  You can get the framerate by pressing B to view debug info.

Just played it again and the FPS remained between 59 and 61 FPS. I went pretty much everywhere in the town and did various actions and it was consistent throughout.

But with my specs, it would be sad if I had slow downs on this:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Intel Core i7-4930K CPU 3.40GHz

That said, the game does have tiny stutters every once in a while for me. Not a big deal at all, but saying it anyway.

I get constantly 60 to 61 fps.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740
Intel Core i7-3770 CPU 3.40GHZ

So I had someone run it with an integrated GPU with similar specs to Max and he got a solid 60 fps.  Max, I have a feeling this may be an issue with your machine.  Your GPU actually should be able to eat this game for breakfast, especially with that amount of RAM and an i7. 200ms draw time (equal to 5fps) is just unheard of for your specs. How does your machine run overall?  When you said this demo performed worse than before, that kinda jumps out at me a bit that something about your machine's performance is degrading (due to the possibility of malware maybe) since I made some pretty massive optimizations.

Haha, so I haven't used my computer a ton recently and when I booted it up for some random stuff, I'm realizing how terrible it's running definitely have some problems, could be malware. My antivirus stuff is prooooobably long expired, I don't think I bought a long subscription when I got my laptop six years ago, it wouldn't surprise me if there's a bunch of viruses floating around now that I think about it.

Any suggestions for fighting them off?


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